This blog post will deal with my blog post, this will talk over what I think about my Proposal plan two mouths after making it:


When looking back at my Rationale, I feel that I should of had a few more reasons to why I choice the horror/comedy genre as I feel that I just went with it as it was the first Idea in my head, this is worsened by the fact I have a limited knowledge about horror movies and the genre as whole at the time, this resulted in me having to taking much longer researching my materials then if I would of chosen a topic I know more about.


Project concept:

The concept was over ambitious as I imagined making scenes that didn’t come in fuision like the intelligent joke or any intentional jabs at my main characters. In retrospect I feel that intentionally basing my comedy on the so bad its good sub genre was a terrible idea as I feel as I have no idea of what makes a S.B.I.G movie what it is along with the fact that I have only watch others talk about those film before hand, this made it more difficult for me to research with my limited knowledge.


Proposed research:

I feel that I had choice another research material as if I had chosen more, I would of had too much to work with, resulting in a unfocused movie filed with unnecessary references to other films, however I didn’t use all my references that I had state I would so next time make sure that I use all the references that I want to use in future project in order to find inspirations for my future creations.


In conclusion I feel that I should of taken a bit longer to look over what I had writing so I could make sure I only put in exactly what I wanted inside my movie as I felt my current proposal is like a ruff sketch of the final project, this will hopefully help make my next few projects go faster as I have a clear plan on what to do.


Name Harry Marshall
Pathway Creative media producions
Project Title Horror happens
Section 1: Rationale (Approx 100 words)
The reason that my film is a horror parody is based on advice from my old media teacher how said a horror poster would be easy to make than other genres so I decide to use this line to inspire myself to make this film.


My early projects were good in my eyes however I think I could of done better if I was to do them today, I choose to make my project a film is because most of my project have been film so I would make sense for me to play to my skills like different types of shots, how to edit footage and my script writing.


Section 2: Project Concept (approx 200 words)
The project is about a couple lost in the wood and are chased by an unknown evil, the film will take apart tropes of horror and puts them through a comedic filter like Robin hood men in tights, some of the tropes I want to deconstruct are stupid weaknesses, splitting up and the general intelligence of the characters in the film.


My research will be about horror, comedy and so bad it’s good movies, this will help me pick up on the various techniques they used in the films, like how they handle their dialogue and what themes this movie will tackle, this better then reading up on the films as this tells me very little about what the movie is about, some of the films I will look up about are, The Room, the Monty Python films, various M Night Shyamalan films and Evil Dead, the reason why I will look into this film is that I don’t want to make a complete copy of just one film, I know that my film will resemble others by nature but I would like to make it unique for my audience.

Section 3: Evaluation (approx 50 words)
How are you going to evaluate your work? ‘I will evaluate my work by… production diary each week reflecting on my targets, a final evaluation, group crits.

Success can be measured by how my peers view the work in the end, if they give the work a positive review then I know if you need to improve..

I also need to make a production diary in order review over the work I have done also I

Should keep older versions of my work in order to look over how I improved

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)
So Bad It’s good films:

The room

Trolls 2



Cabin in the woods

Evil dead 2

The Exorcists


Shaurn of the dead



Week Date Week


Activity / What you are intending to do –

including independent study

Resources / What you will need to do it –

including access to workshops




Script for FMP

Road: 7:00pm

Two people are being driven into the forest, it was near night time with one a few cars on the street the wind was roaring. we see a car with a couple with a driver taking them to a forests


so what brings you down here


We thought that we could have a day out




You do know about that demon right


Ah……no (surprised, sceptical, laughing)


Well legend said that a young man along with his horse were killed by his brother for selling their land for money, rumour has it that the man was killed first and the horse was killed to act as a place to hide the poor lads body, they were buried together however they say that a half human half horse beast roams this forest at night looking to kill anyone who comes across him as he can’t see out of the head of the dead animal (said in a dramatic voice)


Oh….ok why did you tell us that (emotion)


Thought it was interesting

Bane looks at the man with utter horror 

Forest: 9:00pm

Our heroes enter the forest however felicity is scared, felicity is worried and tries to confront him, the forest was a dark green, it was a night time with only the couples light being light colours across the scene


What the hell is wrong with you?


Did you hear what he freaking said, there is a killer in this forest


Don’t you be a stupid moron


But but…..


Enough we need to go now

They find a message that says run, this didn’t help Bane’s situation, the message was written on a blank sheet of paper, the letters won’t coloured in and was made with a pencil outline


Oh god oh god




Who on earth left this


Its that murderer (pause between words)

A dramatic pause happens the couple take a minute to think about the situation


Probably some arsehole


But it could be the killer

However they decide to laugh at the proposal and they run off towards the forest skipping with smiling faces, this causes sound to flood the forest, we see a bizarre beast reacting to the sounds

Bane and Felicity:



Oh you buffoon (sound like your above Bane


Yea like what murder leaves a run note on a tree like that unless they are stupid (sound like your trying too hard)

We see the bizarre figure looking at the duo in disappointment, this lasts until they heard a noise in the forest, bane then jumps onto felicity in response she quickly pushes him off they could hear the noise of leaves moving




Really, really


Ok I sorry but you need to know that I’m a lover not a fighter (try to sound like a wimp and a bit full of yourself)


Laughter…….what on earth was that

Bane looked down in sadness but lifted his head


Hey how about we make camp

Forest: 10:00pm

The two have a heart to heart talk about their feelings about the monster that haunts them


Ok so we now have a moment to collect our thought (say it calmly)


So we know that there are no monsters (have an air of paranoia) 

The monster jumps out at them the duo being to run away from this behemoth, it approaches them slowly

Bane: Oh shit (say it as silly as possible)

Felicity: Run

They continue to run away from the beast in a mad rush to the exit


Oh god that man was right


Just run you moron

The monster runs at our couple at insane speeds, the couple keep running from the monster, the duo see a pathway back to the road 



look an exit run for it

They run towards it as fast as they can, as they move, they ended up in the tree lines the two keep running, the two however got separated, bane got onto the road but Felicity’s route lead to a dead end and the monster 


Felicity where are you (say in a worried voice)

Bane begins to scream 


FELICITY (countine screaming) 

the screams of felicity could be heard 


oh no oh no

the driver appeared on the scene only to find Bane on the road crying the driver gets out out of the car


Hey whats happened


The monster, demon thing took her, we have to go in and get her (angered by the events)

The driver holds onto Bane 


no you can’t (concerned)


why not (angry)



because she’s died(yelled)


how do you know that(angry)


Can you hear her(angry)

the two realise the silence before the driver legs it to the car 


come on(in a mad rush, scared)


but I can’t leave her(horrified)

The driver grabs him by the shoulder as he drags him into the car, they begin to escape as the noise of a deranged beast can be heard

In the car: 1:00pm 




For what(upset)


For you not listening to me (in a stern voice with signs of anger)


Thanks (in a sarcastic manner with hints of hatred towards the driver unwanted attitude)

They arrived at banes house, he went into the house without even looking at the driver, a mysterious figure stand appears after the car starts moving

Bane is seating in a dark room with only himself the room was only lighten by one light, Jake sat down on the sofa by himself in total horror 


Oh god what have I done…..ahhh… I am stupid, stupid, stu

A noise was heard


What on earth…(worried and scared

The horse monster appears in their room


Oh god why( in panic


What on earth do you want, you demon(panic and rage)

Bane begins to approach the monster but was too scared to get closer

The horse monster began to approach Bane whilst holding something in their hands


What is that you precious(sarcasm)

The horse showed bane his hand, it was human Glue made from Felicity 

Bane begins to scream


Oh my god(as silly as possible, draw out the last word(NO))

End of script

What is a documentary

Documentary is a film genre that info the view on a specific topic with is based on a official document, like sciences reports or historical events. documentary does follows the three act structure however unlike other films the progression of the film is not primary pushed by a story but the information you receive as you learn more about the topic. In documentaries you can have multiple small story, an example would be BBC’s Planet earth 2 were each episode focuses on the hardships of multiple animal groups in one episode, multiple story are used to teach a common lesson about a subject like a war film showing the view accounts of three WWII families were they lose family, this reinforces the anti war message of the film and as documentary are used to inform rather then purely entertain.

Documentary is some times treated as if it was a completely different genre however they still have conventional elements that all movies have like them having heroes, an example is planet earth II, in the show we follow a group of animal in the environment trying to survive, the documentary make you feel their struggles by following them throughout their lives, we also have a narrator giving use humanising descriptions to help use associate with the animal.

A documentary can be divided into a number of sub genres:

Mockumentary: this are a type of fiction that uses the convention of a documentary however its completely fictional and are often parodies or satires it in one way or another, some documentary do have elements of a mockumentary if they have manipulated the footage in any way.

Micro documentary: a mircomentary is a shorter documentary, a documentary is classed as this if its under 20 minutes.

Historical: a historical documentary focuses on a event that has happened in the past like the romans of world war 2.

Personal: A personal documentary is one where the film maker documents a subject that their interested in, this often to tell a personal story to the viewer and is often emotional.

Campaigning documentarty: this types of documentaries focuses on a issue in the socity the film was filmed in like rights, global warming and politics.

John Gregson was a Scottish film director known to coin the term documentary in a review of Robert Flaherty’s Moana, he came up with the principle of documentaries, the main idea presented in the publishing was that fact he thinks acting out past events will never be as powerful as recording the real event, this now effects most modern documentaries now a days and may of had an effect on other genres like news and reality tv. In my option I mostly agree with Gregson’s option, however sometime you aren’t able to get the footage you need like if the event happened in the past or was too dangerous to film, then you can use actors as long as the audience is aware of the fact.

A documentary not unlike a based on a true story film, isn’t always what happens, their are two example of this Nanooks of the north and BBC’s frozen planet, in Nanook of the north the director Robert J Flaherty, in the film many elements are altered like Nanook the main character using a spear instead of guns to hunt, the wives of Nanook, Nyla and Cunayou being the directors wives and even Nanook’s name isn’t his real names as its actually Allakariallak (pronounced: [ɢ]).

One of the most interesting cases is the igloo, in order to get the camera into an igloo they had to make one bigger then normal however this bigger igloos often collapsed so in the end Allakariallak made a three walled igloo so Flaherty could film in, this was done as their wasn’t another way, a similar situation happened in frozen planet as were a scene of a polar bear giving birth was filmed in a zoo rather then they antarctica, this was done for the safety of the crew and the polar bears themselves, these produces a grey area as they film maker is laying they have changed the  facts however if they didn’t then we would of not know any thing about this events if the film makers haven’t of lied however their is the issue is that what they filmed had no correlation with the real thing.

Code and conventions:

In documentaries their are various conventions that it conforms to, this are voiceovers, montages, interview setup and exposition.


Voiceovers are a commonly used feature in the genre, this are used to explain the scenes that are happening on the screen, this is useful if the footage is unclear and/or has very little information to provide. The voice of the narrator has to engage the audience, with this in mind they can use their voice to manipulate the audience’s emotion by what he tells the audience, like making you sad by saying fact about the scene that relate to that emotion.


A montage is a useful technique as your most likely going to be filming over the choice of months and years, so you have hours of footage to edit into a limited amount of space, with montages you can edit multiple scenes into one scene, their are two main purpose to convey a message by showing footage with a connecting theme to them or to show a movement of time by showing scene that would logically take a long time after one another, this is most commonly used in train sequences in action/sports movie.

Interview setup:

The interview is a cliche of the documentary, it involves the subject being place into a lighting room where their are asked question by the interviewer, they are also asked before had to explain their questions fully rather then being a response to the asked question, during the interview there are multiple lights used to Illuminati their faces whever yellow, white or a combination of this lights, the set up involves multiple cameras, this is useful as editiers have more footage to work with when when editing and having muliple cameras prevent all the footage being ruined like if one of the lights messed witht the footage of one of the cameras.

the job of the interview is to add an element of realism to the film as they are talking to people the audience are lead to believe by the film maker to be real people who then deliver they option to the camera, this is meant to give the audience a unbiased option, this is however not always the case as they would likely have ten or more times the  amount of footage then what you had sore.


Expoistion is when a film tells the viewer what has happened rather then showing the audiences, often in films these is used to help devolp your characters, for example in a doumentary, if your disscusing a ancient tribe, by telling us the background story your using expostion to help make the people and character be more devolped and make your audience more ingauged with them as characters, however it would be not that a terrible example of expoistion is to explain ether info the audience already knows or to tell the audience an event that they could of witness like an important character death.

Now I look at the documenary five star on vimeo to see how it compare to the four points above



Interview setup


Sources: 3/1/17

Link: 3/1/17

Pictures 3/1/17

Link: 3/1/17

Link: 3/1/17 10/1/17 10/1/17

ps:// 10/1/17 10/1/17 10/1/17 16/1/17 16/1/17 22/1/17 22/1/17 29/1/17



In this post I look at four of Richard Hunter’s small documenterys to compare them together, this will help me with my documentary and how to make mine.

What does each of the four documentaries have in common:

in the series of videos we only hear the interviwie, this is noteworthy as most documentarys have mutiple sources to tell us what they knew,  they also all take place in their homes/work enviroment all the time rather then placing them into a studio, this gives the production a more nature fell to it, each video focuses almost interally on the subject’s hobbies, their are also unique hobbies like being a Impressionist, a taxidermy and a toy maker, in the video the subject aren’t portait as weird as their would if portait as others,the indaviduals are protrait as normal with a side of weird, this gives the documnetary a sense of realism as their not over the top abotu their hobbies.

A mirco documentary is subgenre of documentary, it solo differentise is its length, by being shorter the film can be much more accessiable to a wider audience as they are a high majority of people able to watch the video in smaller periods, like on a bus or a lunch break, also some may be intimated do to the length of a full length documentary as they don’t know if they have enough time to watch the video. one of the main disadvantage about the length, this prevents from the director from going into much detail as they’ll have short time limit meaning they need to choice the exact element they want to add into their film and what to leave out, with this logic Richard’s choice of following an induviual is a good approach as if you had tons of people all talking it could confuse the audiences

In the videos their are time jumps/speeds ups, this could be incuperated in order to fit more fotage in the time space without cutting its end or beginning, this also help with inform the audience faster as the cut scene can be easily filled in our minds due to how our brains work so by expluting this, the director can give the view more infomation in a shorter amount of time, this can also make audience. in every video we get a see the subject’s face, when we do we are facing directly towards them, this help the audience form a connection with the  individial, also this show use that they not a weird as someone would think they would be, as we can see they act very similar to people we know in our lives.

I have decided to look is the Bowie impressionist as a find him to be the most interseting out of all the characater, in the interview

Video edit

This is a list of my various edits during the interview documentary:


Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 15.19.29.png

For the video order I started with a title screen with my subjects name on it, this is I also cut of the beginning of beth’s first scene whilst leaving the sound, I then placed the music afterwards, this is meant to put a sense of exception to what willhappen next, this will make my audience more in-gauged with the piece.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 15.17.13.png

When I decided to edit the colour of my video I decide to first try out the colour wheel, however it causes rhe colours to look unnartual so I decided to increase vilrance and saturartion to make the footage look more colourful.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 15.17.47.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 15.18.27.png

In this two scenes I decide to decrease the vibrance as I felt they looked better with low vibrance then coloured as the whites of the scene became blue with high Vibarance

Overall evalution:

During the filming of our project I thought that I could of been more thoughtfull about what jobs I was doing as I was constanly trying to do too many things at once like caring to lights up the steps until I realised I could only care one with me, this causes a slow down in the production, so I should think before rushing thr profduction as it could have the oppasie after that I was trying to do, interms of my editing and wordpress I think I should not worry as much about the amount that I have done as by think this I am unable to complete alot of my tasks due to my self imposed limits and should be in the right mind before I being to right.

















The lone ranger

during this week half of the group went up to London, the rest of the group looked at the making a list of 20 shots.

Our plan when we got their was to record each scene from 1 to 20, this makes it easier to go from one shot to another.

we went to a play park to film the rest of our scenes, this park wasn’t empty as their two mothers and their children, due to this we couldn’t start our filming by taking a wide shot of the area whist the families where their however, we still could do 2 to 20. in shots 2 and 16 we had Dan walk across the parks path up and down with the camera at his whist, this give the video a mysterious feel to it as we don’t know why his is leaving. for the four to fifth shot we had Dan walk around the in and out of the gate, this shot was mysterious and work really well with the haunted atmosphere of the video.

The roundabout shots consisted of shots six to seven, we had to place Rose onto the roundabout and try to push her however we had took take attempt to get the effect that we wanted however, but we managed it in the end. in the editing room the empty roundabout was at a different angle to the occupied roundabout how ever this gave the edit a more spooky feel. The next shot 8 along with 10 involve me and dan sitting on top of a bench look outwards into the distance, this is one of the weakest shot in the film as I did not flow my instructions was well as I could of, however it still an important part of the film.

The ninth shot involved a behind shot of Dan this is a got scene as this blocks the view of the audience which help build up suspense and helped build up a creep atmosphere. Shot 11,12 and 13 had us record Rose on the roundabout, it was creepy with each shot only showing part of her at a time, each shot was quick making the audience more unconformable as the video went on. The 15 shot involved us closing the gates and opening them again, for this we could use shot 4 again for this scene, shots 17 to 18 were in a similar boot as the were the same as previous shots.

the last shot we 1 and 16 when we used half the park to use for recording, due to the families, the had dan walk unnervingly up to the edge of the park in a single shot this make the audience question what on earth he happening the scene and makes them feel unversed.

In conclusion:

Whils thte video itself is good, I could of done more in the production as I only did a few little thing, however apart from the familes being their their were no other problems with the films.


For this project the inter class watched a video her objects were moved by a giant hand this is a technique where a hand or a similar object is place in front of a camera whilst another object is in the background, this two move in a precise way and this create an illusion where the hand look like that of a giant and their actually interacting with the further away object. we were instructed to form groups and make this can of shots outside, my group had Dan, Rose and Brigitte, our first shot was outside college next to the road, one of us had to be on the other side of the road, this effect would involve the person across the road bending down and someone else put the hand down in front of the camera, I volunteered to go across the road and when I need to duck I would be told to, for the hand, they would look through the camera to decide the right camera angle to drop their hand down, during filming I had problem ducking down complete and in the final shot I had a part of me showing through the hand, next time I should try to duck better.

The next scene we were we went to the side of college, there we placed the camera and go pro on a wall across the from the building, from here we began film in front of the purple builds, we had Bridgette as our actress and I had the honour of being the hand actor, in this scene my job was to pock Bridgette, however it would be hard to measure where my hand need to be to create the isolation, however the camera screen could be pulled out and rotated, this made positioning my hand much easier as I could look where my hand we be place on the screen, in the video attempt we tried it multiple times that day in order to get the effect we wanted, after words I felt that I could of done better with the job I was set as my arms kept moving in unnatural directions, we can ruin the isolation we are trying to make, however this was my first time doing this from of technique so this would be expected however I can still learn from this mistake.

The next scene we had was Bridgette fighting off two giant pairs of hands, this in my option was one of the best shoots we had done, as we did a unique take on the technique by having two hand and by having Bridgette fight off the two hand gave the video a comedic affect. the effect like the hand squishing her work really well and we need to consider referencing this scene in he future.

In a future scene I begin pushed across the scene, By looking at the footage I haven’t got the hang of moving across the screen and it looked forced and unreal as I didn’t more as much as I should of.

In conclusion:

From my role in the project and over the course of the 3 mouth working here, I can tell that my weakest would be acting as only a few moment were believable in my portions of the videos, to improve I need to not try as hard and make sure I understand and do my instruction to the best of my abilities



WE watched a video called Havoc in class, it was directed bu Andre Concron, a director born in Oslo, Norway, and has also worked in France, America, England and various parts of Scandinavia he also created my reoccurring dream, the video features a women slowly moving backward with men in jump suit jump across the scene doing stunts.

this was filmed at high-speeds, you need to plan out the inter scene in extreme detail, while you need to plan for any project, this type of category involves more in the planning as your dealing with increase speeds, this makes the margin of error greater so this requires you to plan the trojectory of the platform the actress is on so its both were you want it to be and that it won’t go somewhere which can cause an accident, also another concern when filming this fast is timing as it much harder to arrange your actors to where you want them, so you need to plan what happens in what order and pratice, also if you are renting out the place your using to film, then you need to buy a basic set to place in a area you own to pratise. when film at high speed you need to make sure you camera is able to capture each frame as their are risk of light ruining your footage causing some scene to have unnessary light block what you want in the scene, the become more of a problem when in slow motion and be how long it last can break the alusion by making it ovious it has been slowed down.

Director need to have timing when film, espacially at high speed as you what your film to reflect your vision as some one that a minite of can change the feeling the film gives of to the audience, also this off timing can cause a butterfly effect through out the film making the time of everything off and the that can happen is an acciedent causing problem for te whole production.

The video it self is very maestic in nature, with it slow down motion gives makes it look as if every actor is doing their like their the best of the craft, the screen transisiton in the background works perfectly and completely naturally, however the video start repetative with very little action happening. the music is a nice touh and add an apropite tone to the video however its a bit mono toned espically in the begining.


Ande film 18second, at a frame rate of 300, this would result in 5400 frame overal, the video is 3:34, which is 200.4 second, when you divide 18 second by 200.4 seconds you get 0.09 which turned into a percent is 9% so he slowed it down by that much, the number of frams in the slowed down verion is 5400 x 0.09= 486 frames



Blog of the week, end of term edition

In this WordPress article I will discuss the research I have done on colour grading and how we use the technique in the modern film industry. Colour grading is a technique of changing the colours of film footage to make what the film maker wants it to look like, this was achieved my exposing the frames to acids but know is done Digitally, also the first film to use the digital method was O brother where art thou. The reason the colour grading is a Necessity in films now is because most modern cameras produce washed out images, this is a result of most film makers wanting their cameras to catch every detail in the image so they can produce the best image possible.

To colour grad, you need a program to use, one is adobe premiere, in this program their is a box at the bottom of the screen, by typing in Lumetri, you will get two option to apply colour, one is a list of already existing colours for you to use to colour grad or heir is the second option, by click on the option you will get three colour wheels for you to use they are shadows, mid tones and high tones, you choose the colour my clicking the area on the wheel you want to, this is in my experience is inaccurate and if you can’t move the point slightly for unknown reasons so you have to completely move the point far away and try to get the point you want, with the colour wheels you can have more freedom in choosing the colour you want you film, for the most advance colour grading you can use adobe’s other program Speedgrade, in speed grading you have much more option, like Premiere you have shadows, mid tones and high tones but now each one of this has three wheels to themselves where you click a, you can also change the style of the grading so you can have the wheels appear as three bars instead, you can also use a number system, this allows you quick access the colour you want is you have its code.

The colour wheel was invented by Issac Newton, he first notice this by looking at a rainbow and compering it to music and founding out that like music the colours had patterns, with this info he made the colour wheel

In colour grading applications and programs their is always an option to use a colour wheel to edit your colours, the colour wheel is a useful tool as the colours are arranged with cold and hot colours on one side, making it easier to find which type of colour you wanted to use, the order of the colour wheel is place like a rainbow as it has each colour  wrapping around the cycle in the order you will see them in a rainbow, this helps with editing the editor can choose the colour they want for the mid tones and look across the wheel to find the contrasting colour to uses for the shadows.

The colour wheel can be used to heighten the emotions of a scene by tinting the scene a colour the audience associate an emotion with, an example would be blue, this colour makes scenes sadder as we associate sadness with blue, so you can use technique to help make the emotions of your scene more powerful or use it to add emotion to a ambiguous scene in a fashion similar to the Kuleshov effect.

My example of a scene that uses colour to add emotion to the scene is from                       “The Grand Budapest Hotel, in this scene we have Zero and Agatha are in a lift full of cakes, in scene has Primarily pink as a colour with blue to accopany the scene, this colours make you think of boy and girl, this represent the two leads in the lift and the pink colour being the most represented makes you think of love, this reflect how you view the scene.

In my going local project, I wanted to use a grayish blue tint through out the majority of the film, the reason why I choose this colour is the fact that sadness is often associated with it, also I choose to make it more subtle by having the colour blue be closer to the centre of the colour wheel, also I decided not to have a highlight as it made the scene turn into a lumanious blue, for the rest of the scenes, I decided to use red during more violent scenes as red is a strong and intimidating colour, this red was lumanious but it fitted the scene as it make you feel what is happening to the character, also the red along with the blurry makes you reaconise the scene as bleeding making the scene more powerful.  the last scene to be colour graded would be the ending with its colour being yellow, this is meant to be a happy colour, I choose this colour as the character in the scene had died and has found peace, similar to many religious afterlife, by adding this colour many will realise what the scene represents, as the scene is cultural recognizable, the colour was make the scene have a much happer tone compared to the previous scene. all the colour grading was achieved by using adobe premier.


For my first critism, I haven’t placed that many reference in my wordpress blog, this is a problem as I can not back up any of my work with  any sources their from and can look as if I stole them from another student

I also need to mention how the verious artist that I’ve researched made their works and what was the process they went through to make their work, I need to put this in my work in order to learn the techniques that they use in so I can apply them to my own work

I also don’t use a lot or no images in my posts, this hurts my posts as without images my points won’t be supported as well and makes it harder for others to read though as their are no breaks between the text making it tiring to read after a while, this isn’t a habit that I want in my work as I my need to make my own website and if I tire people by my posts they my not be interested in the project I am making and if I don’t show images for what I’m adverting, then investers will not be interset in the project due to no proof of concupt, i so adding images is for the better.

I haven’t yet mention anything about the verious media related keywords, this isn’t a good thing as not knowing this can hinder future projects as by not knowing the key words can make writing  future reports harder as without knowing this, it would take longer to write my blog as I would take a long time to state what I want in full rather then using the key word to explain it much easier.

I need to look at the overall creative process, this is useful as just having a limited knowledge of how the process works will not serve me well when I leave college as this make it harder when I need to do this types of process, also by knowing more about the process will help me write better posts as it help me understand the create of the work more, which will help me out in the long run.