Script trailer:

It’s night time the screen is completely dark apart a flash light illumanting a man’s face, this man was in his twenties and was ¬†shocked, little sound could be heard

we see a man running with a camera toward his face and a light in his hand

Bane: If you hear this can someone help me

The man by seen to be crying

The man looks behind him in a fit of fear to see a god damn horse man

Bane: Oh no oh nooooooo

Horse ruin you fool

Bane bump into a girl

Bane: Felicity what are you doing here

Felicity: oh just walking around trying to catch up to you when you said out loud Split up

Bane: oh come on baby that was year ago

Felicity: an in that time I have had to run from a F… horsed head killer with an AXE

as the two had a their arguement the murder begins to charge at them

Mexician horse

This post will be for my to keep track of each idea that I have came up with over the planning stage, this will act as my reference sheet when ever I write up my plot summary, this helps as it can remind me of plot point I want to add in my final project.

Plot points:

a Couple goes into the woods for a vacation

A unknown evil follows our heroes

The couple run away from the demonic entity

A series of over actions to the events of the film

A Driver drvies the protagnists up to the forest, this could potentially be the opening of the film

They split up only to have the other get killed by them saving themselves instead of each other

One of the victims runs against a tree, this turns into a 4th wall job about glitch and just being  terrible at video games

It is revealed that the reaper is actually a Mexican horse from a civilization of ancient horse who ocrasted the 2016 election in order to destroy the Mexicans and reclaim Mexico as new horse Mexico

The heroes discover the horses weakness is the ground and the horse just vanishes

This ends in the couple arguing about how the horse had never come in contact with the ground before, this is meant comment on films like signs were the villans have weaknesses to common items

The film ends with one of the couple turning out to also be a evil mexican horse all a long, this is meant to parody Both types of bad endings of horror film, these are the ones that the heroes fails and the one that comes out of no where, the bad one.

The villain is a parody of various other famous villains