This blog post will deal with my blog post, this will talk over what I think about my Proposal plan two mouths after making it:


When looking back at my Rationale, I feel that I should of had a few more reasons to why I choice the horror/comedy genre as I feel that I just went with it as it was the first Idea in my head, this is worsened by the fact I have a limited knowledge about horror movies and the genre as whole at the time, this resulted in me having to taking much longer researching my materials then if I would of chosen a topic I know more about.


Project concept:

The concept was over ambitious as I imagined making scenes that didn’t come in fuision like the intelligent joke or any intentional jabs at my main characters. In retrospect I feel that intentionally basing my comedy on the so bad its good sub genre was a terrible idea as I feel as I have no idea of what makes a S.B.I.G movie what it is along with the fact that I have only watch others talk about those film before hand, this made it more difficult for me to research with my limited knowledge.


Proposed research:

I feel that I had choice another research material as if I had chosen more, I would of had too much to work with, resulting in a unfocused movie filed with unnecessary references to other films, however I didn’t use all my references that I had state I would so next time make sure that I use all the references that I want to use in future project in order to find inspirations for my future creations.


In conclusion I feel that I should of taken a bit longer to look over what I had writing so I could make sure I only put in exactly what I wanted inside my movie as I felt my current proposal is like a ruff sketch of the final project, this will hopefully help make my next few projects go faster as I have a clear plan on what to do.


Name Harry Marshall
Pathway Creative media producions
Project Title Horror happens
Section 1: Rationale (Approx 100 words)
The reason that my film is a horror parody is based on advice from my old media teacher how said a horror poster would be easy to make than other genres so I decide to use this line to inspire myself to make this film.


My early projects were good in my eyes however I think I could of done better if I was to do them today, I choose to make my project a film is because most of my project have been film so I would make sense for me to play to my skills like different types of shots, how to edit footage and my script writing.


Section 2: Project Concept (approx 200 words)
The project is about a couple lost in the wood and are chased by an unknown evil, the film will take apart tropes of horror and puts them through a comedic filter like Robin hood men in tights, some of the tropes I want to deconstruct are stupid weaknesses, splitting up and the general intelligence of the characters in the film.


My research will be about horror, comedy and so bad it’s good movies, this will help me pick up on the various techniques they used in the films, like how they handle their dialogue and what themes this movie will tackle, this better then reading up on the films as this tells me very little about what the movie is about, some of the films I will look up about are, The Room, the Monty Python films, various M Night Shyamalan films and Evil Dead, the reason why I will look into this film is that I don’t want to make a complete copy of just one film, I know that my film will resemble others by nature but I would like to make it unique for my audience.

Section 3: Evaluation (approx 50 words)
How are you going to evaluate your work? ‘I will evaluate my work by… production diary each week reflecting on my targets, a final evaluation, group crits.

Success can be measured by how my peers view the work in the end, if they give the work a positive review then I know if you need to improve..

I also need to make a production diary in order review over the work I have done also I

Should keep older versions of my work in order to look over how I improved

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)
So Bad It’s good films:

The room

Trolls 2



Cabin in the woods

Evil dead 2

The Exorcists


Shaurn of the dead



Week Date Week


Activity / What you are intending to do –

including independent study

Resources / What you will need to do it –

including access to workshops




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