Take a look at the final/latest version of your proposal and test the results of your project against it:

  • Do you think you achieved your aims?
  • Where do you feel you didn’t achieve your aims? Why?
  • What areas do you feel you could improve upon in the second year?

Guidance: 250 words minimum

I feel that I didn’t meet all my goals as I still had loads of ideas on the text I didn’t attempt to turn it into a scene in the script at any point to make the scene, however I feel that I had captured the spirit, as I achieved the feel of parody movies like Space-balls and Monty python and the holy grail as I mad my film a absurd comedy as the films ending, which was directly based on the ending of the holy grail. I should make my proposal more clear next time. the area I need to improve on is the fact that I need to make sure that I’m as pierce as possible with what I write on my proposal as it was vague at some points with little to help me, also I felt that I put in to much ideas into the proposal that I couldn’t ever make my work as good as I wanted it to be. the project in my option could of worked but due to my lack of care and time management resulted in the final film lacking in quality, this makes the film look worse compared to earlier projects that I made in less time, this mean the proposal should of been much better then it should of been as it had little direct information, to tell me what to do. my aims were not clear as I did not think of them at all during production, this means that I handy-cap myself from the get go, so next time have proper defined goals to aim for in the next project


What have you learned about your own workflow and ability to produce a large project?

  • Evaluate your use of time, project scope, aims, and skills gained. Be honest, cover each of the bold points above. For example, did you use all 12 weeks well? Was your project ambitious enough? Were your aims too basic? Did you make a proper effort to improve your skillset?
  • Give an example of how research informed your project, discuss how this helped you.
  • What was the hardest problem you had to face for this project? How did you overcome it?

Guidance: 400 words minimum

My time management wasn’t as good as I hope it to be as I constantly got stuck with my work as I over thought the whole production, this slowed down my speed a lot of the time as I thought more about what to do then actually doing my plan, this can be improved by making sure to have a constant plan as I usually let myself come up with my own plan, this lead to me begin slower at making my work them usual, my research in the end help me come up with the overall feel of my film as I want to make my movie original but familiar at the same time to my audience, this worked out well as my audience loved the film for how funny it was so I feel that I owe a thanks to films like Austin Powers, the spy who shagged me and Shaun of the dead. the hardest problem I faced in the project was the fact that I left myself with so little time to edit my film down this made me rush towards the end of production this left me with little time to finish editing along with completing my production dairy. I feel that I should of used more skill then I actually did in my final project as I ether used very basic techniques like the rule of 3 or used skills poorly like using zoom were the footage becomes blurry and the lift segment wasn’t smooth at all, this is due to the fact that I put little care into the small details of the film, this is because I constantly changed what I wanted to do with my cast, as most of this was improvised, it mostly resulted in sub-par film-making on my part, this was unfair on my cast as they gave their roles their all and I couldn’t even work a camera, so next time I need to know how to precisely work with my camera to the best of my abilities. my horror villain research help me come up with my final villain design, this was one of the most useful piece of research as this help define the whole sub genre of the film as it made me narrow done my film in a slasher movie, this help me come up with the cliches I would use and the rest of it became the film that got produced.


Complete the following Google Form to submit your work for Summer Show:





FINAL CHECKS! Make sure:

  1. ALL drafts are published. We can only mark what we see!
  2. All posts are categorised, and categories are displayed on your blog – Categories can be displayed in the sidebar using categories widget. Go to Customise >> Widgets and click ‘add widget’ then add the ‘Categories’ widget. It will list all your categories in the sidebar, except for categories that do not have any posts filed under them.
  3. Your group crit is completed and evidenced on your blog.
  4. Sign the sheets at the front of the studio on Monday to complete your submission.



You have now handed in your FMP for Year 1. Congratulations!



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