During this week I started to do my first bit of filming, this involves me Leanne, Jack and Peter Going into a car to film, the plan was to go into a lane on the road to film the product, however I decided to get some footage on the road whilst we where out so we took a 3 minute journey past the lane and back, when we were driving I tested the cameras setting in order to make the scene darker, this is meant to make the film have the colour grading of a horror with the darker colours, I also tried out the resolution in order to get the clearest image when I edit, the first thing I did when we got to the sit was to jump out and begin filming the car window, this is based on a screen I sore when looking up how to film inside a car, this was meant to be the scene that happens before we meet our characters, this is inspired by many TV shows movies that have this exact scene which happens after a credit to transition them to a place to meet the characters, the next scene has peter introducing him self with the rest of the cast in character whilst the other continue talking off screen, this lasted until the first page was completed, I did it this way as I could easily edit my footage together later on and to cut together as I now when to stop my editing, also it gives me more freedom with my editing, the next scenes focus on Jack and Leanne reacting to peters character, this also helps make my actors perform their roles by reacting to each other, I did various scenes scenes focusing on one character at a time a part with from a few with jack and Leanne, I made each shot with only one actor is because it makes them isolated, being isolated is one of the most common fears n humans have so it makes the scene more uncanny.PC2.png

I conclusion, I thought the filming went well however I could of been more prepared as most of the angle I choose were made in the last week, so next time I should double check my camera’s battery so my work before I make sure I can produce the best work I can, so because of this we had to wait for the camera to recharge a bit before we went off, when we went off, I decide to have jack and Leanne walk into the forest, with me following them, I happen to trip on my why down however, the rest of the time we firm the screen where jack and Leanne argue about what the man had said to them, the news terrifies jack, however Leanne is getting annoyed at his constant out bursts until they notice a piece of paper on the tree, this scares jack even more whilst Leanne has about had it with him until the demon played by me shows up and scare them both off with Leanne dying and Jack making it out to Peter. During filming the actors actual hurt themselves when running away, this was a mistake of mine and I should of made sure the actors didn’t hurt themselves in the first place, so next time I should make my actors safer.


On Saturday I filmed with Jack and later a new actor Angelo to play the role of the demon, I filmed Jack walking into the bar, this went well due to my use of the 3×3 grid and jacks amazing acting, the next step was to film jack sitting at the bar by himself, During this time I spent a lot of time getting different shots of him to the point of waste, the next scene had jack be confront by the Angelo’s horse demon, this lead to jack facing the camera and telling the camera his plan, I moved the camera up and down to make it seem like the audience was responding, jack launches at the beast only for the next scene to show them as friends, this lead into everyone laughing including myself, this was unprofessional but I could use this as a reference to the abrupt ending of Monty Python and the holy grail as both are absurd comedy based on a famous sub genre of medieval fantasy


In conclusion: the film went well but I could of planed ahead more as I only had a basic outline of what I wanted to do, but this lead to me changing thing at the last moment, not insturicing my actors as well as I could of and me taking too long with one shot, so I need to learn how to plan for next year.


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