Underworld is and action/horror film released in 2003 and was directed by Len Wiseman and written by Danny Mcbride and is based on stories by Mcbride, Kevin Grevioux and Wiseman, the films main plot is about a vampire death dealer find out that the lycon(werewolf) are tracking a human, the film follows our heroine as she uncovers the mystery of what they want with him.

the film used cool colours like black and blue to show off the darkness of the world


Strongly inspired by the stereotypical Gothic culture style, the setting of the movie is a world were vampires and werewolf are at war with each other.hqdefault.jpg

the sound effects are loud and impactful, the music hits the audience like thunder, this help to build up tension in the audiences headmaxresdefault.jpg

conclusion: from the film I take its sound effect as they enforce the tension and emotions of the scenes, I’ll also take the colorization of the film as it would work perfectly for my film.


https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/1d/29/fc/1d29fc5d02e32303fd348bef584c4ed4.jpg http://www.truemovie.com/2011photo/Underworld_Awakening_10.jpg


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