The horribly slow murderer with the extremely inefficient weapon

THSMWTEIW is a video series created by richard gale on YouTube, the plot involve a man called jack …. being chased by a murder with a spoon, the story involves the murder chasing jack over 12 years and across the world, the story involve us seeing jack suffering over this years, this makes the audience feel from him as the film sounds effect along with the repetition makes the audience feel what he’s feeling as they have exprences something similar to his experiences like having an annoying sibling or friend

The music is used to inform the mood of the scene, this is done by the genre of music play, during jack’s retaliation a rock solo plays in the background this makes audience realise that the scene is meant to be action pack or

The Ginosaji is a great inspiration to my film as the monster is an absurd concept bought to life, the spoon themed villain is clever as the a

.The film spoof psycho at the mid point of the film to pay tribute to one of the oldest slasher films in human history,
.The Ginojai has an appearance remencest of ghost-face from the Scream movie series with both having the colour white around their faces with where their eyes are/should be covered in black along with the majority of the their cloths also being black
.Jason Voorhees with his iconic machete could of inspired the Genosaji to have a signiture weapon like his spoon,
.Pinhead could of inspired his facial features with both gritting their teeth, also both have been covered in white face makeup with a dark colour eye shadow to contrase with their make up
.Freddy Kruger could of inspire the abillites of the Genosaji like his teleportation and invulnerability, both are ported as being an unstoppable force

The white face of the ginosaji contrace with the black hoodie this makes the audiences focus on his face more make the audience realise how funny the demons face expressions are, the hands are also white and as they hold the spoon the audience focus on the spoon, the trademark weapon of the ginosaji

Jack is a tragic hero of the picture as he has been haunted by an unstoppable demon that has driven him to the edges of insanity to a point of indangering the people around him when he goes gun blazing in his neighbourhood doing the last quarter of the film

When the narrator says “again and again and again…..” this can be a reference to the famous monty python sketch Spam where the skit repeats the word Spam a meat product produced to oversaturation during World War II they say the word over and over again till it loses all its menpaning until the coupnutie saying it till its funny again, this scene acts similar to that skit as they repeat the same line over and over again, this also reflects the nature of the film as a whole as the film series involves the ginosaji attacking Jack with a spoon in an endless attempt to kill him

In conclusion






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