Script trailer:

It’s night time the screen is completely dark apart a flash light illumanting a man’s face, this man was in his twenties and was  shocked, little sound could be heard

we see a man running with a camera toward his face and a light in his hand

Bane: If you hear this can someone help me

The man by seen to be crying

The man looks behind him in a fit of fear to see a god damn horse man

Bane: Oh no oh nooooooo

Horse ruin you fool

Bane bump into a girl

Bane: Felicity what are you doing here

Felicity: oh just walking around trying to catch up to you when you said out loud Split up

Bane: oh come on baby that was year ago

Felicity: an in that time I have had to run from a F… horsed head killer with an AXE

as the two had a their arguement the murder begins to charge at them


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