plot of film 11/04/17

Genre: horror, Comady, So Bad its good movies

Inpirations: The Room by Tommy Wisteau portal, especially his character, Monty pyton movies in the comady style, M night shamalyan imfamous twists, like his famous Sixth snese twist along with the twist like

The current plot involves a couple heading out to the forest in their village, their names are Flassity and Bane, they start by having an argument about their current relation ship as they work down the forest until the got lost, they begin by going deeper into the forest to see if the can get out on the other end of the forest, however the hear noise in the forest, they countine to walk into the forest until they see a man hidden in black robes being to approach them, this scares the duo causing them to run randomly into the forest however they went into different directions, Bane and Flassity confront each other on way they did this and the other replayed with sliting up is good, they then see the monster standing in front of them, they panic until they began to run away from him until they find a split in the road, both head towards different paths at blinding speeds, this lead Bane to the road where the driver aporch him and felicity route lead her to her untimely death, the driver convinces Bane to leave and the two leave with bane a broken man, when the two get back, Bae jumps out of the car but before the driver leaves he tells him how stupid his idea was, this made bane feel worse, he goes home to be by himself until the horse demon appears, bane begins to yell at the demon until the demon reveals to Bane that he has turned felicity into glue, this revelation made Bane turn into a crying rick and made I’m scream in madness.


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