Apirl 5th, new reference for film

today I watched a video called a how to not write a slasher film, this video takes the mick out of various slasher tropes, this video also displays the information in the video showed that the tropes of the slasher is that we have a core monster hunting teenagers in a isolated scenario, this video helped me image what my villains role would be, before I would of just make the villain a generic villain only their to fill his role, however with this video taught me tom focus my villain into a more focus archetype, I choice the slasher type as I feel it will fit into the film as the villain is not human meaning it’s would work  more like a monster also he is human size so he can’t fit into the kaiju/giant monster genres so a slasher would be for the best.

A good reason to base my villain on the slasher archetype is due to their role of tormenting the characters of the story, this is a cliche mostly attributed to slasher villains as they hunt down their victims rather then being a force of nature villain like a kaiju/monster movie. when looking at my villain you can tell that he would not fell into the psychological horror genres as most of the genres villains are ether more human or part of their heroes imagination however I doubt that my villain will ever fit into this category as my villain is meant to be a comedic so his would not easily fit into this category along with the fact I have limited knowledge on the psychological genre so I should avoid this genre for know. the advantage of using a generic slasher villian is that a larger po

Conclusion: I belive that the generic slasher would be a perfect fi





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