today I made a story board for my production, this include the major event of the film, I did these before writing my script as this well help me finalize my idea for the story, the story involves two friends going of to the forest, they are have by them selves until a demon begins to stuck the duo, the two sit down and talk about their fear, this until the demon shows up and chases them through the forest until they find a route to the find that they went in two different directions, one of them gets killed by the monster, later the survivor is at their house until the demon shows up to their house to show them something, it is glue made from their friend.

I have watch the Horrible slow murder with the extremely inefficient weapon for research, the series feature a man being haunted by a demon however rather then kill him, he hit him with a spoon and again and again and again and you get the point, the reason I choose this was because it was a slasher/horror parody, the same genre I’m tackling, the monster of the flick the Ginosaji can inspire my main villain as the are serious in context but out of context the Ginosaji is the funniest horror villain available today.



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