Shaun of the dead

Shaun of the dead is a movie featuring the character Shaun trying to keep his life together after his girl friend leaves him and has a terrible relationship with step father isn’t the greatest, during this a zombie outbreak has occurred and its up to him and his group of love ones to survive.
The two heroes are a subversion from the Heroic hero or anti hero as unlike both, they have not our last hope as their goals aren’t to save but to save their love one, this lack of heroic qualities make them more relatable to the audience, do to their flaws they can develop as characters over time rather then being the same for the majority of the film. we associate with our heroes flaws as they are our like our own flows, examples would be Shaun’s relationship problems as we all had problems with are partners or family members though out our lives, we my also have work at jobs that we felt unappreciated at , we can see ourselves in their situation unlike a character like superman how is perfect in every way and can overcome any obstacle, Shaun can’t and every mistake he make, will make him more human to the audience.

The sounds effects make up the majority of the sound effects, this help evaluated the feel of movie, it gives the movie a horror vibe that is incredible strong, the help amplify the emotions of the scene like silence for serious moments, a rising beat for foreshadow and loud bangs for surprises.

The secondary protagonist Ed is a unaware child like character that has cause the majority of the conflicts of the film with his slow reactions and unawareness of his actions, this character serves to show the audience the main flaw with Shaun as a character, he only listens to him, this is used mostly for comedic affect with Ed acting as the anarchist of the group with him doing whatever he whats even at the expense of the other survivors.

Ed is 3 years older then Shaun and both went to the same grammar school, this tells me that they could not socialize with others in their age group seeing that no other characters from the grammar school appears in the film, this fact also shows how strong the bond between our heroes are as they have kept in contact with each other for all these years as well as remain good friends.

The two men are from the generation x a time period from 1965 to 1981 were youths of this generation where more rebalise agenst govening body with their media, this reflects ed as he indirectly effects the group in massive ways like indangering on contant occuation

The film can be very gory when it wants to be, this is meant to remind the audience that they are currently watching a horror flick as the story more comedic bit can without the horror make the film look more like a skit on a Comcast program rather then a multi genre horror comedy flick

The emotional moments are more natural as the film doesn’t use over dramatic music to force the emotion upon them, let’s compare a scenes from interstellar, the scene were the daughter die to where Shaun’s parents die in interstellar the protagonist meets his daughter after 30+ years on her death bed, the film has be building up this reunion however their reunion is short live

Like any good horror movie the film reflects the flaws in society, however unlike most zombie film the film looks at more realist flaws like unawareness like how Shaun and ….. are unaware of the zombie until later on in the film and Diana trying to save Davids corpse even were zombie are outside, also earlier on in the film we see Mary a zombie that first looks like she is drunk but is actually a zombie, this can be a comment on alcohol culture in England, this is supported by the fact that our heroes are alcoholics who are constantly going to the pub every day whist losing touch with life, in the ending we see that zombie have become a novelty to the public showing how the world doesn’t care about what has happened on z day.

The ending is quite happy, this is similar to an romantic comedy rather then a horror films ending that has a more in common with the modern romantic comedy then horror, this gives the film more conclusion as their are no lose end at the end of the film and this deconstructs the cliche of unresolved plots and cliffhangers of most horror franchise that inspired by like house of the dead and aliens

During multiple scenes thought out the movie we have multiple scenes happening like when Shaun and Ed were on the sofa, the audience could see the zombie make it’s way though the door, this is a cleaver way to direct as this makes the audience feel smarter for noticing also decrease the number

the colours of the films are red black and white, this colours are heavily used to advertise the films especial in the posters, the colours make up most of Shaun’s colour scheme, this scheme fits the movie as the reds represent the gory nature of the film along with being a commonly used colour in horror, white can be used to highlight the red and the black with contrast with the white therefore enforcing the red, this colour scheme can be an off shoot of the Halloween with the use of black and red along with the secondary colours however by decreasing the number of prominent colours from the film the film makes you focus more on the visual then colours and make the film feel more dynamic in it execution, the reason they my of gone with a Halloween theme is because

Look up

Conclusions: from the film I have learned how to mix horror and comedy together,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg–mSXDeETc&list=PLA4D602E0BDEEB70E


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