24 of april

This week I decide to do research on the following films Austen powers the spy who shagged me, Shaun of the dead and cabin in the woods. the reason I choose this films were because I choice them as research materials,

Austin Powers

When watching Austin powers I look at the comedy of the flick, the comedy is take the mick out of various film tropes like time travel and the paradox of changing the future, Austin powers himself question how he could mess with the future, his college says “I suggest you don’t worry about this thing and just enjoy your self, that goes for you all too this is” this quote tell the view not to think to hard about the plot holes of the flick and focus on the events this tells the audience that the film has a humorous tome rather then a serious one.

The humour is quite mature(to some immature) this is meant to parody the sexual nature of the James Bond movies , the beginning is mean to ironically answer what happens to a Bond girl after their film has conclude, with Vanessa being a fembot at the beginning of the film and exploding, this justifies the reset of the status que of austins quest by making him single again also by this being done by his nemesis Dr evil, he know has to counting his quest to beat he ones again.

The film starts with a text scroll, this is a trope created by Star Wars meant to tell the view information they need to understand the film, however a complaint is the amount of reading they need to read and length of this opening scene, Austin powers fix this by making the scene be narrated by a charismatic voice along with being far shorter then the ones featured in Star Wars, this along with the stasis queen reset means that new audience members can watch the film with no prayer knowledge of the first film

The film has a pistol colour scheme, this makes the film be more reminiscent of film from the 60s, 70s, this is referencal to Austin being from the late 60s also the fact that this is the pariod that the James Bond films began with Dr No

The music is dramatic and over the top given the scene a asunder quality to it, it also ithis can be a reference to the use of music and sound effect of late 20th century films like James Bond films along with other genres of film like romante and music genres like 60s pop

The film makes verious reference to other film like Star Wars and Terminator unlike modian parodies the films don’t just be referencal to the source material but rather lift iconic scenes that don’t need context to understand them making it accessible to a wide.

The film has a short scene between the scen trations with aus in power along with a group ovpf 60s theme dancers being dancing to a song, this takes the audience attention away from the transition Making the movi flow better as a whole

Conclusion: From this movie I take the parody elements of the film, this elements act as a mock-buster to a genre of film, this make the comedy and parody very piece, this makes it easier to make jokes if I focus on one genre of film also this’s can make it easier to write more impressive jokes to impress the audience, I also will add the films ability to be make the film accessible to a larger audience, this means that I don’t have to make my film only filled with horror references and lastly I take the Woven reference to other property’s as this make can result in creative why’s to add them to the movie that make scene and not a random scene.



Cabin in the Woods

The cabin in the wood is famous for the fact that their is a second plot running along the main horror plot and thats about a oraginasion that oracstrated the events of the movie in order to keep ancient gods from destroying the world


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