Hotel transylvanina

Hotel transylvanina is an animated film by sony pictures animation featuring Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, David Spade, and CeeLo Green, the films plot involves count dracula building a hotel made for monsters to escape the humans that hunt them, the other reason is to protect his daughter Mavis from said humans, this is motivated by his by his wife’s death, the film take place place on Mavis’s birthday, things go well until a human called Jonathan appear at the hotel who could ruin the hotel if he is found out.

The film is based on famous fictional monsters like werewolves, Frankenstein and vampire, the film shows the monsters as grown up men, this can be a reference to the fat their some of the oldest modern myths, the film twist the convention of horror story of having the monster being the horror we having monster being afraid of humans but also the horror is friendly, this can act as a doube deconstruction of horror noms as the monsters are afaid of the humans and the

In the film we can see that the monster were much formal and old fashion outfits like suits and ties with darker colours whilst the human of the cast has a modern t shirt that is uses neon colours, this show the generational gap between the monsters and the humans.

The films has a Halloween ascetic to it, I believe this as all the characters are base on traditional Halloween characters like Dracula, Frankenstein, werewolves etc, this is back up by the film being set inside a European castle traditional location people think of about when thinking Halloween

The colour of black is used often in the film in conjunction with other much brighter colours, the colours of our vampire duo is mostly covered by a cooled black compared to most of the cast, this contrasts with Jonathon’s bright green and yellow, this can be a vision representation enforces the generation gap between the human and the monsters.

The film reminds me of two other film, the first is the plot as the structure reminds me of meet the parents as It feature a Father having a gruge with a man that his daughter is interested in, the main difference is the fact that the romantic parts of the film is a side plot unlike meet the parents event are most caused by the heroes relationship, the other film is nightmare before Christmas as they both have Halloween aesthetic and both heroes go into another world, they also learn a lesson in the process.

Final thoughts: in the end I thick the movie isn’t want I’m look as its horror ascetic is is meant to by Halloween themed and not meant to be associated with modern horror, the humor is also slap stick with very little senescence to learn from, but by watching the film I now have a clear idea on what films I need to watch now.



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