In this post I look at four of Richard Hunter’s small documenterys to compare them together, this will help me with my documentary and how to make mine.

What does each of the four documentaries have in common:

in the series of videos we only hear the interviwie, this is noteworthy as most documentarys have mutiple sources to tell us what they knew,  they also all take place in their homes/work enviroment all the time rather then placing them into a studio, this gives the production a more nature fell to it, each video focuses almost interally on the subject’s hobbies, their are also unique hobbies like being a Impressionist, a taxidermy and a toy maker, in the video the subject aren’t portait as weird as their would if portait as others,the indaviduals are protrait as normal with a side of weird, this gives the documnetary a sense of realism as their not over the top abotu their hobbies.

A mirco documentary is subgenre of documentary, it solo differentise is its length, by being shorter the film can be much more accessiable to a wider audience as they are a high majority of people able to watch the video in smaller periods, like on a bus or a lunch break, also some may be intimated do to the length of a full length documentary as they don’t know if they have enough time to watch the video. one of the main disadvantage about the length, this prevents from the director from going into much detail as they’ll have short time limit meaning they need to choice the exact element they want to add into their film and what to leave out, with this logic Richard’s choice of following an induviual is a good approach as if you had tons of people all talking it could confuse the audiences

In the videos their are time jumps/speeds ups, this could be incuperated in order to fit more fotage in the time space without cutting its end or beginning, this also help with inform the audience faster as the cut scene can be easily filled in our minds due to how our brains work so by expluting this, the director can give the view more infomation in a shorter amount of time, this can also make audience. in every video we get a see the subject’s face, when we do we are facing directly towards them, this help the audience form a connection with the  individial, also this show use that they not a weird as someone would think they would be, as we can see they act very similar to people we know in our lives.

I have decided to look is the Bowie impressionist as a find him to be the most interseting out of all the characater, in the interview


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