The Waiting room

For the waiting room I was teamed up with Dan, Rose and Bridgette, we we tasked with making the The Waiting Room video.

we decide to make a horror movie where the two main character are stuck in a room, one would be trying to escape whilst the other is acting strangely, until the worried actor is killed by the other.

we were given a card, this was the place we were working, it was the social space, before we start, we tried to get anther room as we know the social space would be full of people regardless of the time, this would limit the amount of shots we could of taken and made any audio have voice of the other students in the recording, however we were unsuccessful in changing our rooms.

during filming I was one of the main actors along with Bridgette, in the film both our characters are stuck in a room together, however only my character seems to be effected by this change in environment whilst Bridgette acts bizarrely towards me, as the video progresses on my character tries to escape the room by pulling the door, this is when Bridgette comes up to my character and knock them unconscious, later my character wakes up only to be strangled in the end of the flick by Bridgette, that scene has Bridgette walking in to see my body, this makes the audience question if it was Bridgette character in the video before hand or something else.

During recording we made sure that each scene had some kind of continuity however I made it hard for my group as I was ripped a part of my Fanta’s label of, the Fanta was a part of the film, this meant I had to hold the Fanta cross the label at all time, next time I need to think about even little thing in the film incase they could case errors in the continuity.

During film Bridgette did a wonderful job at being creepy and unnerving, this was helped with the choose of angle we had to use, this include extreme close shots of her fingers and mouth making her look more disturbing after they were played, however my performance wasn’t as good as I over acted most of my scenes, I felt that my performance could of been a lot better if I focused on what was important like acting nature rather then think way too hard about how I was going to achieve the acting.

The sound record was a huge trail us as the social space was filled with people meaning we had no previous to record our sound, this made it for Dan to get any dissent sound clips, if we had to do this again, I would as the Tutor if we could go into another room as the social space is terrible for any sound recording.

In conclusion:

To improve for my next project I need to focus more on what is happening around me in each scene and follow instruction to a higher standard then what I’ve done in the video as everyone else in the group had performed to a higher standard then anything I have done.

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