The lone ranger

during this week half of the group went up to London, the rest of the group looked at the making a list of 20 shots.

Our plan when we got their was to record each scene from 1 to 20, this makes it easier to go from one shot to another.

we went to a play park to film the rest of our scenes, this park wasn’t empty as their two mothers and their children, due to this we couldn’t start our filming by taking a wide shot of the area whist the families where their however, we still could do 2 to 20. in shots 2 and 16 we had Dan walk across the parks path up and down with the camera at his whist, this give the video a mysterious feel to it as we don’t know why his is leaving. for the four to fifth shot we had Dan walk around the in and out of the gate, this shot was mysterious and work really well with the haunted atmosphere of the video.

The roundabout shots consisted of shots six to seven, we had to place Rose onto the roundabout and try to push her however we had took take attempt to get the effect that we wanted however, but we managed it in the end. in the editing room the empty roundabout was at a different angle to the occupied roundabout how ever this gave the edit a more spooky feel. The next shot 8 along with 10 involve me and dan sitting on top of a bench look outwards into the distance, this is one of the weakest shot in the film as I did not flow my instructions was well as I could of, however it still an important part of the film.

The ninth shot involved a behind shot of Dan this is a got scene as this blocks the view of the audience which help build up suspense and helped build up a creep atmosphere. Shot 11,12 and 13 had us record Rose on the roundabout, it was creepy with each shot only showing part of her at a time, each shot was quick making the audience more unconformable as the video went on. The 15 shot involved us closing the gates and opening them again, for this we could use shot 4 again for this scene, shots 17 to 18 were in a similar boot as the were the same as previous shots.

the last shot we 1 and 16 when we used half the park to use for recording, due to the families, the had dan walk unnervingly up to the edge of the park in a single shot this make the audience question what on earth he happening the scene and makes them feel unversed.

In conclusion:

Whils thte video itself is good, I could of done more in the production as I only did a few little thing, however apart from the familes being their their were no other problems with the films.


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