WE watched a video called Havoc in class, it was directed bu Andre Concron, a director born in Oslo, Norway, and has also worked in France, America, England and various parts of Scandinavia he also created my reoccurring dream, the video features a women slowly moving backward with men in jump suit jump across the scene doing stunts.

this was filmed at high-speeds, you need to plan out the inter scene in extreme detail, while you need to plan for any project, this type of category involves more in the planning as your dealing with increase speeds, this makes the margin of error greater so this requires you to plan the trojectory of the platform the actress is on so its both were you want it to be and that it won’t go somewhere which can cause an accident, also another concern when filming this fast is timing as it much harder to arrange your actors to where you want them, so you need to plan what happens in what order and pratice, also if you are renting out the place your using to film, then you need to buy a basic set to place in a area you own to pratise. when film at high speed you need to make sure you camera is able to capture each frame as their are risk of light ruining your footage causing some scene to have unnessary light block what you want in the scene, the become more of a problem when in slow motion and be how long it last can break the alusion by making it ovious it has been slowed down.

Director need to have timing when film, espacially at high speed as you what your film to reflect your vision as some one that a minite of can change the feeling the film gives of to the audience, also this off timing can cause a butterfly effect through out the film making the time of everything off and the that can happen is an acciedent causing problem for te whole production.

The video it self is very maestic in nature, with it slow down motion gives makes it look as if every actor is doing their like their the best of the craft, the screen transisiton in the background works perfectly and completely naturally, however the video start repetative with very little action happening. the music is a nice touh and add an apropite tone to the video however its a bit mono toned espically in the begining.


Ande film 18second, at a frame rate of 300, this would result in 5400 frame overal, the video is 3:34, which is 200.4 second, when you divide 18 second by 200.4 seconds you get 0.09 which turned into a percent is 9% so he slowed it down by that much, the number of frams in the slowed down verion is 5400 x 0.09= 486 frames




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