For this project the inter class watched a video her objects were moved by a giant hand this is a technique where a hand or a similar object is place in front of a camera whilst another object is in the background, this two move in a precise way and this create an illusion where the hand look like that of a giant and their actually interacting with the further away object. we were instructed to form groups and make this can of shots outside, my group had Dan, Rose and Brigitte, our first shot was outside college next to the road, one of us had to be on the other side of the road, this effect would involve the person across the road bending down and someone else put the hand down in front of the camera, I volunteered to go across the road and when I need to duck I would be told to, for the hand, they would look through the camera to decide the right camera angle to drop their hand down, during filming I had problem ducking down complete and in the final shot I had a part of me showing through the hand, next time I should try to duck better.

The next scene we were we went to the side of college, there we placed the camera and go pro on a wall across the from the building, from here we began film in front of the purple builds, we had Bridgette as our actress and I had the honour of being the hand actor, in this scene my job was to pock Bridgette, however it would be hard to measure where my hand need to be to create the isolation, however the camera screen could be pulled out and rotated, this made positioning my hand much easier as I could look where my hand we be place on the screen, in the video attempt we tried it multiple times that day in order to get the effect we wanted, after words I felt that I could of done better with the job I was set as my arms kept moving in unnatural directions, we can ruin the isolation we are trying to make, however this was my first time doing this from of technique so this would be expected however I can still learn from this mistake.

The next scene we had was Bridgette fighting off two giant pairs of hands, this in my option was one of the best shoots we had done, as we did a unique take on the technique by having two hand and by having Bridgette fight off the two hand gave the video a comedic affect. the effect like the hand squishing her work really well and we need to consider referencing this scene in he future.

In a future scene I begin pushed across the scene, By looking at the footage I haven’t got the hang of moving across the screen and it looked forced and unreal as I didn’t more as much as I should of.

In conclusion:

From my role in the project and over the course of the 3 mouth working here, I can tell that my weakest would be acting as only a few moment were believable in my portions of the videos, to improve I need to not try as hard and make sure I understand and do my instruction to the best of my abilities



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