Collab video

My group is Group 7, we are as a group, recording a segment of a video, we are going to base it on the starry night painting, we will have our primary actor painted in a style similar to the painting,



  • we with have the actor pop in and/or out of a box
  • we can have paper lanterns
  • can start the segment with
  • Based elements of the video on the pandora’s box
  • Have a box with someone in it, the box is full of paper, the actor spins up from the box causing the paper going every where
  • filming at night
  • have the pandora scene be in two parts, the real world and the world inside the box, the transition happen when the actor happens when the actor goes inside the box
  • Sky shot
  • Can’t use glitter with the cameras, we can use feathers or leafs instead
  • If we can’t film outside, we can green screen


  • Box for the scene
  • something to fill the box, Ideas: junk, leafs, paper,

The planning:

During the planing stage we came up with the basic idea of having someone walking up to a box with multiple object fly out, during the production I felt that I could of done more for the group I didn’t interact with my group as much as I should of, also I didn’t think through a lot of the ideas that I came up with resulting in them

We all decided to to hello put together the box in the end, we decide to glue a book, twigs and pieces of cloth around the box, this was a gigantic positive as It made the box both uniques and it would stand out making it quite an effective design however, the problem lay in its structure as the box was falling apart on our way back from the park but Luckily it didn’t fall apart in the end however I believe that the method I used to carry it made of wore down the box as I put my fingers in the crack of the box’s edge, so for next time we could ether reinforce the box with a steadier material, place less in the box during the moving off it and/or use different methods of lifting.

In the box we place rectangular pieces of paper, paper birds and christmas ball balls along with some leaves from the area, this worked well as their we visually interesting however we didn’t have a effecting way to pick up the equipment however this is only a small complaint in the long run.

In summary:

I should of help out more with the film then I did in the end as I only suggested a few idea and bought ball ball unlike the other members who completely designed the box, so I need to be more involved next time.

Google document, Group 7:


During the film I had to use a stop watch to count how many second it would take for our Camera to get to the box and back, whilst I did this job to a good degree I felt that I could of done more for my group in the end as I only contributedĀ a small.


I had to readjust most of my footage as the video format was 720p not 1080p

I choice to slow down my footage to 46 percent as I felt this was the best due to it looking more dream like then slowed down, however after trying it it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be so I tried another technique,

the style I wanted for the video is to be like the viewer was drunk

I tried the 48.5% speed and it flowed better then the previous attempt however with some of the the sequence including the last three where turned up to 52/3% as they flowed better and cut down incredible long segments in the meddle however their were

I used lens flares from a website called Creation Effects, I used three of their effects, the glitch, Flare and Dust one, I placed the Glitch in between the the forth and Firth scenes as I couldn’t find another way of making this two scenes transition into one another so having this segment help me a lot, the next scene had me using the flare to transition from, these in the end wasn’t s good as I wanted it to be as it looks unnatural compared to the first half which I found a way to make them all transition well so I could have tried better methods like editing and fade ins to make the video more organic. the fade technique was only used once in my video and it was only used to make the box and forest scenes flow better together, if I could go back and edit the video again I would use a few more rather then the flashy but out of place Creation Effects.

In the editing I had problems making my video match the music, however I do think this would of been evaded if I just went onto Google classroom and look at each segment and planned where each piece of footage went

In Summary:

If I could remake the editing I would of worked more on making every part flow well rather then just using a flashy effect, also I could of made the video match the music much more then I did by doing the research, however I think the video is overall ok and can act as a learning tool for future reference.



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