Blog of the week, end of term edition

In this WordPress article I will discuss the research I have done on colour grading and how we use the technique in the modern film industry. Colour grading is a technique of changing the colours of film footage to make what the film maker wants it to look like, this was achieved my exposing the frames to acids but know is done Digitally, also the first film to use the digital method was O brother where art thou. The reason the colour grading is a Necessity in films now is because most modern cameras produce washed out images, this is a result of most film makers wanting their cameras to catch every detail in the image so they can produce the best image possible.

To colour grad, you need a program to use, one is adobe premiere, in this program their is a box at the bottom of the screen, by typing in Lumetri, you will get two option to apply colour, one is a list of already existing colours for you to use to colour grad or heir is the second option, by click on the option you will get three colour wheels for you to use they are shadows, mid tones and high tones, you choose the colour my clicking the area on the wheel you want to, this is in my experience is inaccurate and if you can’t move the point slightly for unknown reasons so you have to completely move the point far away and try to get the point you want, with the colour wheels you can have more freedom in choosing the colour you want you film, for the most advance colour grading you can use adobe’s other program Speedgrade, in speed grading you have much more option, like Premiere you have shadows, mid tones and high tones but now each one of this has three wheels to themselves where you click a, you can also change the style of the grading so you can have the wheels appear as three bars instead, you can also use a number system, this allows you quick access the colour you want is you have its code.

The colour wheel was invented by Issac Newton, he first notice this by looking at a rainbow and compering it to music and founding out that like music the colours had patterns, with this info he made the colour wheel

In colour grading applications and programs their is always an option to use a colour wheel to edit your colours, the colour wheel is a useful tool as the colours are arranged with cold and hot colours on one side, making it easier to find which type of colour you wanted to use, the order of the colour wheel is place like a rainbow as it has each colour  wrapping around the cycle in the order you will see them in a rainbow, this helps with editing the editor can choose the colour they want for the mid tones and look across the wheel to find the contrasting colour to uses for the shadows.

The colour wheel can be used to heighten the emotions of a scene by tinting the scene a colour the audience associate an emotion with, an example would be blue, this colour makes scenes sadder as we associate sadness with blue, so you can use technique to help make the emotions of your scene more powerful or use it to add emotion to a ambiguous scene in a fashion similar to the Kuleshov effect.

My example of a scene that uses colour to add emotion to the scene is from                       “The Grand Budapest Hotel, in this scene we have Zero and Agatha are in a lift full of cakes, in scene has Primarily pink as a colour with blue to accopany the scene, this colours make you think of boy and girl, this represent the two leads in the lift and the pink colour being the most represented makes you think of love, this reflect how you view the scene.

In my going local project, I wanted to use a grayish blue tint through out the majority of the film, the reason why I choose this colour is the fact that sadness is often associated with it, also I choose to make it more subtle by having the colour blue be closer to the centre of the colour wheel, also I decided not to have a highlight as it made the scene turn into a lumanious blue, for the rest of the scenes, I decided to use red during more violent scenes as red is a strong and intimidating colour, this red was lumanious but it fitted the scene as it make you feel what is happening to the character, also the red along with the blurry makes you reaconise the scene as bleeding making the scene more powerful.  the last scene to be colour graded would be the ending with its colour being yellow, this is meant to be a happy colour, I choose this colour as the character in the scene had died and has found peace, similar to many religious afterlife, by adding this colour many will realise what the scene represents, as the scene is cultural recognizable, the colour was make the scene have a much happer tone compared to the previous scene. all the colour grading was achieved by using adobe premier.


For my first critism, I haven’t placed that many reference in my wordpress blog, this is a problem as I can not back up any of my work with  any sources their from and can look as if I stole them from another student

I also need to mention how the verious artist that I’ve researched made their works and what was the process they went through to make their work, I need to put this in my work in order to learn the techniques that they use in so I can apply them to my own work

I also don’t use a lot or no images in my posts, this hurts my posts as without images my points won’t be supported as well and makes it harder for others to read though as their are no breaks between the text making it tiring to read after a while, this isn’t a habit that I want in my work as I my need to make my own website and if I tire people by my posts they my not be interested in the project I am making and if I don’t show images for what I’m adverting, then investers will not be interset in the project due to no proof of concupt, i so adding images is for the better.

I haven’t yet mention anything about the verious media related keywords, this isn’t a good thing as not knowing this can hinder future projects as by not knowing the key words can make writing  future reports harder as without knowing this, it would take longer to write my blog as I would take a long time to state what I want in full rather then using the key word to explain it much easier.

I need to look at the overall creative process, this is useful as just having a limited knowledge of how the process works will not serve me well when I leave college as this make it harder when I need to do this types of process, also by knowing more about the process will help me write better posts as it help me understand the create of the work more, which will help me out in the long run.








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