Presentation, McQueen and Ava

Today me and my group were tasked in researching the director, for this task we had half a day to start and complete the presentation, during the task I decide to research the other works he had done, he had apparently produced a piece of art base on the Iraq war, this was a wooden cabinet filled with  picture of soldiers that lost their lives in the war, I thought it would be interesting to add to the presentation to show that he was a more rounded artist, however this took me the full hour to research and result in it inclusion onto the PowerPoint being clunky and out of placed along with being too long, this was tacked on to the end of the presentation making the whole thing lose it flow, to improve my next time I will not spend that much time on a small subject and don’t make it overall too long.

The next ARTiculation presentation I decide to look at the list of artists on the board and decide to choice Ava Duvernay at random, I did this as it could help me learn techniques if someone asks me to research an artist I don’t know about, after looking her up I opened her Wikipedia account to look at what she has done, she has produce movie that are documentary, this can be attributed to her history in the journalism business. during the producing of the PowerPoint I look at her Wikipedia and other websites, during the production of the PowerPoint, I decide that I would have 5 slides as I felt I had only time for that many and I did go lower as this would make each slide jam pack with too much info, I also added multiple images to help break the text unlike the slide I did for the team presentation.

Before the presentation I write on a piece a paper any info that I need for my presenting like important facts from the PowerPoint to help me remember what to say, when it came to me to present I didn’t look at the monitor as much as I thought so the fact and keywords helped a lot during the presenting part of my work, I think this way as looking at you audience makes them more engaged with you and you work, however I did stutter with my words making the presentation not a concise as I wanted and I still looked at my monitor to much making myself look unprepared however I do consider my current this production superior to my part in the group presentation as I have practised and thought on what I was going to say and had my help card to remind me of what I had to write making the process much easier.

After finishing I thought I could of done better with the presentation as the PowerPoint style i choice s was bland and uninteresting and I could of cut down on the amount of  word I choice to use, this resulted it it being long winded and I believe that no one else in the group could of read the PowerPoint and it was harder to read due to the colour I made my slides, so next time work on making my slides readable to my audience, this will make the audience more focused on my and what each slide is telling them rather then trying to   read the unreadable text.


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