She Wants

on the November 21st the class was shown a video called She Wants, the video was made by Metronomy, a British band from Devon and was founded by Joseph Mount, the artist always had an interest in music from a young age and came up with the bands name Metronomy at the age of sixteen/seventeen, he choose the name as he thought it sounded cool and the name was inspired by the metronome, the name was also inspired by the creators favorite bands at the time, examples include Autechre and Funkstorung. during his time studying at Brighton, he went to electronic music night as a DJ, during one night Joseph was approached by someone, Joseph states,”some guy, [who] told me he’d put out a record. It turned out that of the songs I’d recorded, I had an album’s worth” three years later he released his first album called “Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 you owe)” and his first single “You could easily have me” this received limited attention. later own he wasn’t impressed with his work and thought working in a band would be better, this included his cousin Oscar cash and his school-friend Gabriel Stebbing. after Metronomy became a band, the group releases the following albums: Night out in 2008, the English Rivera in 2011, Love letter in 2014 and Summer 08 in 2016, She want was a part of The English Rivera, during the time of this albums release Gabriel left the band but to new members Gbenga Adelekan and Anna Prior using the bass and drums respectively.

the video She Wants was based on one of the songs by Metronomy, when watching the video, I thought that its theme was anxiety as the women in the video as the when see leaves the building back to her rooms show her she doesn’t have enough confident to stay in the social area after she cause everyone to fall over in a domino fashion, the fact that everyone in the room stays almost still show that their is a disconnect between the people and the lead which creates almost a uncanny effect of isolation, the colours are gray and luxurious golden yellow, the gray can represent the disapproval of others towards her, this is back up when a group of 4 look in her direction as if her presence offends them, the gold/yellow can represent a number of thing, one is that see is optimistic about going to the party however she could also be a fearful about people judging her, this lead on to the lasting meaning of the yellow is to show how the people in the party think their above the lead as the colour represents wealth and royalty, so this may show that the lead may think shes not worthy about getting contact with anyone at the party.


during the video their were various moments that were bizarre, the most common of this is that everyone except the main actress are in slow motion for most of the video in certain scenes. during the later half of the video we have the main actress being turn by a group of actors in black clothing, their were also two pairs of twins in the video it isn’t know whether this was an intended part or not. one of the wonders in the video She Wants has five women facing away from the camera, on their hair are sun glasses and a hair accessories that form in a face, this can possible suggest they act one way to some but another to others, this is followed by the women dancing with a man until he falls into the women resulting in everyone falling over in a domino effect, when the main lead runs back to the room, this could show see feels guilty over the event that transpired, this can show her having little

The video made me feel amazed at the bizarre thing happening through out the video, this made me impressed at the number of particle effects used in the video, the colour give of a subtle feeling of isolation with its moody grays and alienating gold. the staring scene at the 1:43 mark has been a big help in helping me come up with my interpretation of the video as the emotion on their faces are clear and constants, the falling over scene is my favorite as the scene due to the perfect timing by each actor to create a constant domino effect.ab.png

The video was made in slow motion for most of the video, giving the film a dream like feeling to it, some part of the film was film in reverse, this includes the domino effect and the dance before and the jenga scene, this add a surreal effect to the production with how smooth the production is, also by doing the video in slow motion you can make some scenes to film like the falling over and can make impossible scenes like the jenga scene possible. the camera had a harness with it, this made the shot look more professional. a  bizarre effect is when we see a group of actor floating in the air, we can see that this was achieved by stunt men holding the actor up in the air, another scene that uses the actors in the black body gloves is when the main actress gets rotated by this actors during the video. their are floating glasses in the video, this were attached to string from the roof, by doing this instead of throwing them into the air the help enforce the slow down time effect in the video and it reduces the chances of an error


On Tuesday we began to film the production, for the day I brought in a Halloween mask and a pink Pokemon hat, the idea was to wear the Halloween mask with the Pokemon hat on top to create a odd effect in a similar manner to the house mask used in last years video, when I got into college I had a hard time coming up with an idea for where a was going to stand until one of the students arranging the project came up to me and asked if I could stand at the door and seems I don’t have any other ideas on what I was doing in the project, I argued to do it, when it came time to prepare to film, we had to open to doors at the front of our tutor room, my and a couple of others tried to keep the doors opened, we succeed with he left door by the right was a problem as we tried everything to keep the door closed like book and paper until Rose placed two PCA book together, put them under the door and moved them across till it was stuck meaning the door couldn’t move until we removed the door.

During the film I stud still as the camera came along, I did this as I was worried about messing the video up as I hadn’t practiced anything else which could result in the motion being unfitting and poorly done, also with hindsight I could of got in the way of the camera and missed up the take all together. the third and film take had me hold a squire like light to illuminate my face, this light was giving to me by one of the producers, when looking back at the video I think the light worked well, it made my character look more bizarre and out of place making this fit with the videos odd style to begin with.

To improve on my performance in the video, I would make sure to have a clear idea on what I want to do in the video so maybe I should think out what I want to do next time I do a project like this, also I think I could of worked on the costume more as I felt its quirky appeal only lasted for a minute.

Source and colour wheels used:



Making of She Wants


Colour wheels





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