How has the term went?

  • How has this term gone?  What do you think you have learned/improved upon?  What do you think you could do better, or need support with?  In these cases how do you think you could improve/aim higher?
    I think this term has went well as I have learned at lot of new technique in the class and I think I have relaxed more in college this term then at the beginning however I did get stressed with my work and this has made me work slower so I need to decrease my stress so I can work at a faster pace as well as having a better focus.
  • A quick test – we need to know that you can sign into SOMIS to ensure they are accessing your assessment feedback/tutorial records.   Write here is there are any problems in doing this, and what those problems are.  
    Their are no problems with me logging into SOMIS however sometimes when at home the service is unavailable for unknown reasons.
  • Progression – Have you thought about possible future options for the student i.e. institutions and courses?  Write some notes here about what you think you might want to do once this course finished.  
    I think I am working at a below average rate as I have a back log of work that I need to finish, to improve I need to find better ways of focusing on my work, however in the post I’ve done, I think I have done them to a good quality so I need to apply the techniques of the good post and apply them to the other and to future posts. I the future
  • Main course, English and maths attendance check. (We will do this with you.)
    92.29% as of 30/11/16
    My attendance is overall good as the minimum attendance is 85%, the reason why its not higher is the fact I have had a few sick days through out the year and I also have been late getting into college, this is due to the fact that I have to catch a two hour bus from Launceston to Plymouth along with having a half hour drive to get from Holsworthy to Launceston and It can arrive later due to tragic and the only early bus have me catch the bus at 6.30.


  • Character – It’s time to review how you have met the character matrix for Oct/Nov of term 1 – Think about what you think you have achieved, and something you could build/develop further in the future. (One for each of the categories please)                       I think I have become more sociable with my group members overall as I now openly state my Ideas to the other team member and I get involved in the project much more then the beginning of the year however I think I could get more involved in group project as I felt that I didn’t do enough for collab and I need to be more confident in talking as only a few people can hear what I’m saying most of the time.


RESPECT Understand respect

(Taking care of others 11)

Understand professionalism

(Taking care of others 11)

COMMUNICATION Understand views and how to contribute (Taking care of yourself 9)
DRIVE Understand motivation and engagement

Understand barriers and how to overcome them (Taking care of yourself 4)

RESPONSIBILITY Understand responsibilities as a person and as a student.   

(Taking care of yourself 9)

Understand personal voice and freedom of speech.  (Law and State 1)

PEOPLE Understand why we work with others to achieve goals (Employability 6) I have improved my overall cooperation with my group, this can help me work better with my team and those produce better work.
GRIT Understand pressures and expectations of being a student

How to meet deadlines, manage time and understand consequences

(Taking care of yourself 4)

I haven’t been doing well with my grit as I take too much time to complete may work and always finish it at the last minute, I need to complete my work faster so I can evaluate it ad improve my work as a whole.



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