Directors research

Quentin Tarantino

Quintin Tarantino born March 27 1963, is a an american film director from Knoxville Tennessee, his directed films like Pulp fiction, Kill Bill and The Hateful Eight. The reason that I have choice to study Tarantino is because I think his style is interesting along with how distinct it is along with he being one of the most famous film directors in the median film industry.

His has be the director of the following films:

  • My Best Friend’s Birthday 
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Pulp Fiction 
  • Four Rooms Segment: The Man from Hollywood
  • Jackie Brown 
  • Kill Bill: Volume 1
  • Kill Bill: Volume 2
  • Grindhouse Segment: Death Proof
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Django Unchained 
  • The Hateful Eight


In his films his style is slow paced in order to increase the tension of a scene though dialog instead of actions. He is known for taking long shot with no as much cuts in them as others in his field, this can show confidence in his own work to go against conventions.

Some of the cinematographers he works with are Andrew Vasylyk, Guillermo Navarro and Robert Richardson, a cinematographer’s job is to choose the scene to tell the story of the film, but as his has worked with three cinematographer, you can tell apart the shots by Tarantino and the ones by the cinematographer apart.

Some shots used by Tarantino are, POV(point of view) a style were the camera is placed on the ground and look up where the actors look into it, it makes it look like we looking though someones eyes, in a Tarantino movie this is usually from someone looking down at the ground, a car truck or a corpse.

Another style of filming is god’s view where you take a shot from a above the character or item in question, this style can be used to imply that something bigger then then i watching them and is being judged for their actions.

Extreme close up are another style used by Tarantino, in an extreme close up the camera focuses on a single thing at close range like a face or a book, this style is used mostly for making a scene more intense and in order to convey emotions.

Another style used my Quentin is the quick zoom, this techniques revolves around a camera focusing on an item at break neck speeds, this is used to help establish a item or character in the distance and tells us whether they are important, this can also be used to tell the audience if and important character previously established as appeared again.

360 degree cycle is a method in which camera rotates 360 degrees, in Tarantino films this is used in group shots and to show where a character is at.

Following and tracking shots is when the camera follows actor around their surrounding, the camera is place behind their backs as if we where walking next to them, the shot rarely uses cut aways, this style can help us fell what they are feeling as we see them trying to achieve a goal and how they react during the scene. this shot is almost always from the back and Tarantino is no exception.

Another style Quentin like to use is the push in, this involve the camera zooming slower then the quick zoom at and actors face, this is used to show use what a character is seeing or what a character is feeling.

There are common element that appear in a Tarantino’s movies, one of this is the use of black and white scenes, in his films this are used as a set up for flash backs and in his kill bill duology, he used this to cover up the violence. the flashback can be a reference to older style film before colour and the fact they are

Tarantino often has his characters look into a mirror, this is used a self reflection of the character, this occurs after they have done something or is they could have second thought about a previous action, Tarantino often uses this scenes to show loneliness.

Quentin is infamously known for his constant foot shots to the point hat people think his is obsessed with peoples feat, this trend seems more like a quirk then anything special.

Tarantino is not a huge fan of CGI and rarely uses it and if he could use a stun man or a practical effects man then he would also he thinks that CGI should only be used to make the impossible possible and anything else would be “lying to your audience”

In terms of music, he often best the scene of what music is used rather then vice versa, this could benefits the scene by giving it more follow and have the film and music clash or undermine one another however this could make his scene predictable if he constantly use similar music and genres. I his movie, Tarantino is know for having too many ideas for his scenes and including multiple soundtracks, now of this is known to blend well together.

Tarantino is known to take ideas from other film like the blue room in Kill Bill being a reference to Samurai Friction’s red room scene, Its debated with this is a reference or a blatant rip off, however this is a key feature in a lot of his movies.

In kill Bill their are numerous colours filters, In the flash back scene which are black and white, this is meant to tell the audience that

Tarantino films always promptly use certain colours, this being black, reds, mustard yellow and white with the occasionally, evidences for this are the posters and how feature sharp yellows, red, black and whites, he also implicates this colours into his titles with all of them having red plus another primary colour apart from blue. Kill Bill is a great example as its heroine is constantly wearing blacks, reds and yellows though out the series.

Some Quentin films are known for tackling untouched and uncomfortable subjects before, the two example I want to talk about are Django and his films in general. The Django is sent during pre-civil war america and deals with slavery, in most films he has done before Kill Bill they had constant drug references, and his films seen the beginning have and extreme amount of blood


JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams born June 27 is an american film director  From new york, he is responsible for films like Star trek, Star wars episode 7 and the LOST pilot, I choose to research me due to him being a resent star, meaning he can offer a few into modern techniques that other film makers my not use, also there is a divides option on his work which will be an interesting topic to dicuss

These are the films that JJ abrams have directed:

  • Misson impossible 3
  • Star trek
  • Super 8
  • Star trek into darkness
  • Star wars: the force awakens

His directing style is face pace with some type of motion happening in each scene, dialogue usually take place in scenes with action in it and due to Abrams style he won’t slow down to explain any in depth details about what is happening, these scenes will usually build upon the previous scene with no stopping in motion, and example would be the scene where Kirk and McCoy where their trying to get Kirk into the Enterprise, during this scene the characters are running frantic to get to the ship, they only stop for a few seconds before continuing into the next scene, this type of filming help male a scene fast which in turn will make the scene more exciting however this means you can rarely can dive deep into any motives if the character apart from a few quick words.

Unlike most median directors Abrams will uses bright colours without washing the, out, this goes against a current media trend where movie companies try to make their film’s colours flat in this give his films a shiny look to them, he uses this colours in order to add appropriate tones to match the scene.The colour that JJ Abrams uses in his films are plan whites, black and grey with bright red, orange and blue, this combine of colours drew you to the image and makes the audience pay attention, during a scene you will have two or three of colours which include the list colour above contrasting each other to make the image as clear as possible.

JJ Abrams is infamously known for his over use of lens flares, this is due to the amount of them in the star trek reboot film as in multiple shots they nearly cover entire positions of the screen, even JJ abrams himself reconises this.

JJ Abrams is known to prefer particle effects in his movies oppose to CGI if possible and plans each scene with the art department before any filming is done. In high action oriented scene Abrams will use flashing light in the scene, this is meant to prepare viewers that something is about to happen or he will use the light to focus the audience attention on the action currently happening, this type of scene usually happens when it dark or at night.


one of the filming styles JJ Abrams uses is the 360 degree where the camera goes around in a circle to show off the surrounding of the scene, by looking at his films I think he uses this type of shot to add motion to his films

JJ Abrams enjoy the aspect that movies are escapism , due to this think he often makes set pieces larger then life along with the set piece of being unbelievable both size and possibility.

JJ Abrams use a shot known as snap zoom, this involves to camera starting at a long shot were the camera moves until it finds a point of interest and zoom in onto the target as fast as the camera can to focus on the item at a closer distance, this type of shot is used in action movie to show the focus of the action in the scene.

Abrams admits to not planning is fight scenes before the day the filming for this scenes including basic storyboards, his reason for this is that this gives the scene more energy then a plan scene would of had, however due to this approach he can’t fully plan out his scene, this can lead to his scene becoming messy and unfocused most of the time, a lot of directs makes the camera snake in order to hide the fact that the actor had little ti,e to practice opposite to other scenes, however this make the look unprofessional as the camera distract from the action occurring in the scene and sometime being hard to have any flow as everything comes off as random due to the lack of time JJ and other directors had to plan this screens.


M Night Shyamalan:

M Night Shyamalan born August 6 1960 is an Indian-American film director,born in south India I choose to look at his directing as his is a divisive director, on one hand he has produced amazing movies like the Sixth sense and the Visit, however he has gad major flops with the Last Airbender and After Earth, due to this I think it would idea to analyse his work to find out what works in his movies and what doesn’t work.

This is list of films he has directered:

  • Praying with Anger
  • Wide Awake
  • The Sixth Sense
  • Unbreakable
  • The Village
  • Lady in the Water
  • The Happenning
  • The last Airbender
  • After Earth
  • The Visit
  • Split

Shyamalan is known for using plot twist in his movies, this dates back to The sixth sense when it was revealed that one of the characters was a ghost during the film, this has inspired he to put a twist in nearly ever film he has ever made.


Shyamalan often sets his films in Pennsylvania, this is where the directer was raised seems a very young age, he may film their as he is aware of the area, this makes him able to easily find the best place to film his scene also this saves time on research to find the best location, also by filming where he grow up, he knows the culture of the area, meaning he can deliver a more realistic film then if he filmed elsewhere.Most of M Night Shyamalan’s work are contemporary supernatural, a genre involving a modern-day setting, this could also relate to his life in pennsylvania and enforces the fact that he wants his movie to reflect his life in them also being sit in median time gives his films more options to explore different themes and genres of the supernatural genre.

M Night Shyamalan is known for using two colours to use in his films, these colours usually depend on the movie and its genre, in sixth sense, He choice to make certain objects red, this represent the fact that the lot dials with ghosts, the film also uses a pale grey colour round the red objects, this represent the stereotypical colour of a ghost or could be used to help make the red more visible, another example would be unbreakable, in the film the main colour are purple and green, this colour are both references to comic book superheroes, one of the films genres and is used are the representing colour of the good and bad guys also references to classic comic books.

M Night Shyamalan is known to cast himself in his own movies, this roles are not for minor character as he usually has a major role who has a part that greatly affects the rest of the movie, this has occurred in most of his movies, examples include Lady in the water and the Sixth Sense .

M Night Shyamalan takes long take, this type of filming which involves having a scene where there is no shot changes happen longer then usual, this is used in most of his films.

M Night has used the shot style known as Bird’s view, In this type of shot has the camera placed above the actors, this shot can imply that theirs a threat lumping over the characters as the style remind some of being stacked in your own hous./

In the Sixth sense the title is white, it slowly appears on to a Black background, this is a nod to the fact the film is a horror movie about ghosts but it show that M night Shyamalan like to represent his film elements in multiple ways and won’t just settle for a basic title for his films.



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