Video editing

Today I will be composing and editing together my video, the Theme of the video is loneliness and depression, me and my group decided this due to the music we received. The first thing that I did was upload footage from our filming into Adobe premiere pro, from their I looked at the footage to see what would make for a good opening, after looking through all the footage, I found a scene of the sun covered mostly by clouds, the scene zooms away from the sun and to dan, I felt that this scene would of been the best as the scene made me fell like I was being introduced to the world of the video rather then watching a short video, when editing the video I cut out the zoom as I felt that it did not add anything to the video at all and only took up time. Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 14.04.49.png

After finding my beginning, I decided to add two scenes of Dan walking through the underground, I decide to add this scenes after the the begin as I couldn’t think of any where else to put them and I felt like it would be best to place them here, when editing, I keep the beginning of the first video however when Dan and the camera turned around, I cut it their as I felt like the scene went on for to long, for the next scene I’d cut out the scene in two, the first was before the camera turned around and the other scene involving what happened afterwards, I decide to add the before shot as I makes the video more constant however I could possible add the other scene latter, after watching the whole video though I decided to remove the second scene due to its similarities with the first scene.Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 14.14.43.png

the next scene I added was a scene of an island, the scene zooms out to the a the edge of the shore to show Daniel looking at the island, I decided to add this scene due to the fact I thought it would connect to many viewers in plymouth would recon the area and it visually represent dan’s loneliness, in terms of editing I decided to cut the ending where the video continues to film from behind Dan, also I moved it in front of the Dan walking scene as I think the video will flow better in that order, speaking about the walking scene, I decided to make a new cut where it was longer as I think the scene went past to quickly, the scene now last until dan goes pass the pillar at the end of the tunnel.Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 14.32.27.png

After rearranging my footage I looked at a scene where Danial sitting down and turns his head to look off screen, I thought about using this image for my final scene to enforce the themes of the short film. I looked at a scene were I record Dan turning around and zooming in onto his face, their were three scenes however, I look at both scenes to find which one was better, the first one was shaky and I zoomed In to quick before Dan could turn, the two other scene where similar but i choice the second one as I didn’t shake the camera as much, however I didn’t know where to put the scene so I left it, however due to the time I had to leave the editing until Tuesday.



  • How the editing process went overall? Any positives and negatives? Did you enjoy it? Did you find it easy? If you could go back and film some of the project again, would you? Why?
  • Evaluate on the work i have done, I would of re-shoot the turning scene as I felt that I could off held the camera in place but instead I rushed the scene and let the camera go all over the place, I would help that I bring a tripod and practice zooming in and out on a camera in order to make my shoots more effective at catching Tarantino style.
  • Another criticism I have of my work is the fact that It took my time putting this amount of film togetherop.png


On Tuesday I decided to that to look another scene, in this scene I had Dan walk over to the bench, sit down and act depressed, their where three versions of this scene, in the first and third scene Dan laughed at the end and my camera skills were off, so I went with the second version, I decided to put it after the third scene as it would lead into the next scene I plan on doing. I had a look at a scene where Dan and Erwin sat on a marble bench as I turned 360 degrees with the camera, Erwin in this scene pats Dan on the back in order to comfort him. like the previous scenes their where three versions of this scene, I choose the second scene as in the first and third my hands shake, this cause the footage to look unprofessional, after this I choose not edit the scene as it would of made the footage look choppy, afterwords I placed it after the bench scene as I felt this two scene flowed will together.

The next scene that I added is one where Dan looks blankly around the camera, I choice to include this small scene as I felt it would perfectly captures the tune and feel of the film due to him looking both lonely and confused in this scene so I added it. I place the scene after the scene with him and Erwin as I felt this scene was better set afterwards as I felt it would be a continuation of that scene and show us his state after the previous scene has passed.

Next I added the scene were Dan is walking done a allay way where I hide behind a brush, from their I walked out of the bush to meet Dan face to face, after watching the video I cut out the beginning due to the scene’s length along with the fact that nothing different happened until the ending

I added the scene where Dan is injured, he was holding my hoodie around the area we his character was stabbed, I cut out the ending second due to Dan smiling at the end due to us continuing filming after we were done, we did this as if we cut it the very second it ended I could of resulted in us losing footage or resulting in effecting the last minute our footage like making it burry making the footage hard to use afterwards resulting in odd edits.

next I added the scene where I close a trunk, this imply that I’ve killed Dan and am hiding the body. I have yet to edit this scene as I found no footage that I want to edit out of the video so I left it alone for now.

Next I’ve added a scene where Dan walks down some stairs into the underground, I cut the scene when the camera finished turning, I did this as this did not add any thing to the video. I placed after the other underground scene as they are similar in tone to each other.

I linked together my first scene all the way up to my face scene as I need to link them in order make sure their gradients were similar, this was much easier the the alternative of changing every single scene.

I decided to give my video a grey blue gradient in order to convey the emotion of remorse and sadness and for the second to last scene I make turn grey blue straight to red, the last scene will start a yellowish green but becomes a blue green later on. the Grey blue co louring didn’t work by itself so I decided to add filter, non of the cinematic filters work due to them make the image too contrasting and hard to see the image, afterword I tried monochrome to better success

I cut out the ending seconds of the bench scene as I felt it was pointless to the film and didn’t flow well into the next scene.

I used cine-space, tinted the shadow and tint of the scene, a grey blue and blue respectively, I turned to temperature of the image blue and the tint purple, I did this as I felt this best reflected the scenes style.

next I added the music to the video, this was trick 9, it was made my the tutors for my group to use, the track had a unnerving sound to it.

I cut the ending of the trunk scene as it was only darkness did not serve the video.

I add a scene to the video where we have a face up of Dan we he turns to face the camera, I add this scene as felt that this would be a good ending to the video as Dan is happy, this can be a representation of the after life and him finally being at peace.

after applying the music, I arrange my scene, with the combined scene, it was the first scene flowed by the other half of the allay way scene, their is space between that scene and the next scene where Dan gets stabbed, theirs another gap between the stabbing and the trunk scene where the last gap happens between the trunk and heaven scene

in the allay scene I decided to make the scene turn from a grey blue to a light green, this is meant to significant a change in tone, the scene will represent the emotion . I could not use this as I couldn’t get the change to work the way I wanted and turned the allay scene grey blue.

I turned the stabbed scene red to make the scene look shocking and powerful to the view.

the ally scenes ending goes from grey blue to a blood red, this is meant to lead into the stabbing scene and make the audience anticipated.

I cut the ending off the stabbing scene as did not anything to the video and made the video look comedic.

I made the scene where Dan turns his head a bright yellow to make this scene look happier.

In my video I decided to cut down some of the footage in the nested/connected scene, I did this by double clicking on the scene to see its individual scene, from their I cut out most scenes where nothing happened as I felt those scene add nothing to the video and acted as padding.

I didn’t think I did a good job on my colour choice for my filters and decided to change them, I used my Tarantino research as a reference, after looking at the chart, I decide to use the Reservoir dogs colour palate as I fit the style I was going for.

From the colour wheel I choice a Blue for the main colour and had a no highlights in the video based on the colour on the colour wheel, I did this as I felt the previous was too blue resulting in a less powerful message, so I look up the colour wheels to inspire me and this is what came up. in the end I think the new colour is better as it reflects the tone of the video.

After having my tutor Billy have a look at my video he had mostly positive things to say however he had a problem with the final scene where he thought the scene would work better if I cut the bit where the camera zooms away and the alley scene went on for too long, afterwards I cut the ending scene where Dan turns his head to face away from the camera, this made the scene more focused on Dan rather then the background, for the alley scenes I got the first scene and cut out the bits between Dan turning and where Dan is about to look out of the station, after this I placed the second scene unedited into their place, their as a few problems with this edit as some scenes changed at breakneck speeds and give me a head arch watching, to fix this I restore a extra few second of the video in order to smoothen the rest of the video. The edits turned out will in the end and I am proud of the video overall.

In conclusion:

After looking over my video I am happy about the result the where produced, however their are places that I could improve upon, I felt that my use of filters could of be more subtlety, however I am proud of them as they are my first time using them, I also am proud as to how clear the story was instead of being a mess, the main factor I can thank is my team mate for them helping make my scenes and their own amazing scenes. The audio was great at building atmosphere of the scenes and makes the film feel cold and horror like, how I could of used the music better as I felt I used it sloppy and only used it in a basic way rather then finding the best segment to use for each scene.





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