Peer review



This form is the key part of your evaluation for the Going Local project. Complete this form for the group you have been paired with.  THEN – send it to them using the ‘share’ button in the top right. Make sure you include all of their E-mails correctly.

NAMES of the group you are reviewing: Erwin, Danny and Harry
Which locations did they use (list all): Plymouth Hoe, Bretonside Bus Station and Sundial, Plymouth Art College, Free Test Company Building.
Enter some keywords that describe the emotions of the film

(E.g. Relaxing, Intense)

Intense, quite fast paced and sinister
Using these keywords, describe how the group used colour grading to highlight these emotions. Use specific examples using timestamps

(E.g. at 1:08 in the film)

They used dark colours that showed the dark/sinister side to the film also the lighting used throughout the duration of the film was very clear and gave the film a sense of realism
Use the formal elements (found at the bottom of this sheet) to analyse specific uses of cinematography. Again, use timestamps. Provide one piece of feedback for each formal element

(E.g. at 2:13 in the film, the rule of thirds provides a strong sense of line, by placing the bridge struts exactly ⅓ of the way into the frame)

Very nice use of pattern at 01:37.

Very good use of line at 00:50.

Very good of shape at 00:58.

tone at 00:40 showed good emotion and feeling.

The mise-en-scene at 00:36 was different and interesting.

The colour really showed us emotion and looked very good at the same time at 01:49.

What are (minimum) 3 things you really like about the film? The colour grading throughout the film, the plot/storyline of the film is clear and the emotions shown in the film.
inimum)What are (m 3 things that could be improved for next time? Some shots could be improved by the use of a tripod. Fill empty space with footage. Make sure scene is clear of equipment.


On your blog, using the feedback form that others have completed for you, evaluate your Going Local project.

Title the post ‘Going Local Evaluation’ and include a copy of your feedback form. THEN:

  • Discuss each piece of feedback you have been given, think about:

– Do you agree or disagree? Why?

– Is this what you intended to achieve? Or is the feedback something you never thought of?

  • Write three things you think you did really well on this project
  • Write three things you need to improve for the next project, and set a target for how you will achieve them




  • LINE
  • TONE


In the end I Completely agree with the criticism that I have received from this pieceand I hope to improve in the future.




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