Recording for going local

Hello today I will discuss what I had done from my going local project, for the project I decided to use Quinton Tarantino as I think his style is interest and I think his style is the closet to mine. Due to me being ill on both Monday and Tuesday, I had to do all my filming in one day. Before I filmed I decided to do some story boarded for the project, in it I drew up a scene where I filmed my Team mate Daniel next to the sun dial in the high street, he will be facing away from the camera, he will then turns to face the camera and hold still for a second, due to the time it was the only I did as I was worried about the time and how long it would of taking to start filming.

Me Erwin and Dan left the college, we decided to do the story board scene first, when we got to the sun dial I had Dan stand at the second furthest pick nick bench, I choice this bench as if Dan stood their he would of be in line with the sun dial. After placing Dan in place, I asked Erwin to use is watch as a timer. To begin win I tried to zoom in as quick as possible so I could perform the shot quickly and effectively, when we were ready I asked Dan to count and Erwin to count down for me, after taking the shot I decide that It would be better to take another two shots for the editing process however I had a problem as I didn’t have anymore story boards with me so I had to come up some ideas, after talking it over with my group and jogging my memory on what I’ve done for my Tarantino research, I decide to film three more scene on the high street, the first one had Dan walking over to a bench and sitting at it, me with the camera kneeling to take the shot, I put one of my arm on the table holding the camera and the other hand to hold the camera in case it hits the table, the camera was pointed up word. In my second scene I have Dan walk over to the pick nick table, sit down and act sad, after beginning we had a few problems as non of us could but we got their in the end.

After the table shot I had Erwin and Dan sit on a bench for me next scene, I asked Erwin to pat Dan’s back whilst Dan is facing away from him as I was recording the scene. One of the issues with the scene was the fact I had little experence with holding a camera and I shot from the ground as I thought would make for better scene, this made the scrolling of the scene wonky and unprofessional somI decide to redo the scene two more time and lucky theyncame out much better. After the bench scene I decide to film Dans’s face as I thought that it would so off his characters saddness in the film, luckily this scene went of without a hitch, afterward we decide to more out and find another location to film in.

We walk around exeter for a while until we found a alley way, we decide to film there and we discussed what we wanted to do next, we decide to for Erwin to follow Dan with the camera down the stars and through the alley, this is meant to be a follow shot in a style similar to a tarantino movie, after Dan nearly exits the alley way, I would appear in the allay to comfront Dan, this scen went well however I thought I overacted my part in video as I acted unatural, so next time I must calm doen and preform myvpart effectively. The next scene that we did was one were we had Dan up against the wall of the alley whilst he was crouching down whilst he hold a hoodie to his stomach, this is meant to symbolise that he was stabed, the film went fantastically however I think I could of dome a better job explaning to Dan what I wanted him to do as I rushed my words out as fast as possible.


Next time I should plan my filming along side my research as I was I for a week resulting I my having limited time to plan, so I need to be ready for the next project incause I become I’ll again. One of thing I would of change is the way I dealt with filming as I rushed the project as I hadn’t planned for filming before and rushed myself and my team in order to get everything done.


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