Mise-En-Scene/Rule of thirds grids

On Tuesday the class started by us going over what Mise-En-Scene, this is a media theory about how you set and props are arranged and chosen and how your actors look like, an example of this if you had a film set in the ancient past you would not have a motor biker in the film for no reason. In MES you also need to use lighting in your film to make your audience feel a particular emotion during a scene like if you want the audience to feel, your film could use heavy lightning to make you feel a character is god like or you can use shadow to make a character look mysterious.

Another element of mise en scene is the use of space so in your film you have to arrange your set in order to convey the meaning of your scene, if you want to convey someone trying to catch to someone you would place the them behind each other not side to side, also you can use space to convay symbolism like a couple growing apart or distance between old friends. The acting is important to mise en scene as the acts must act appropriately to the scene in order to make you audience immersion so if you had a scene filled with drama then you would not have you main leads sounding so disinterested in the subject if their character is meant to be torn apart by this, another thing that actors have to do in order to keep up the immersion is for them to act out pf character, this isn’t good as without a good reason it will break the belief of your audience as they won’t belive that someone can change that fast in a second. Make up and hairstyle is an important component as you must make characters look like their from your setting so you cannot have a character from a period piece wearing a type of make up not invented yet. If your thinking about making a period you  ay comstider addimg a black and white fillter if its set in a pre colour era to make your film feel like it was made im that era.

after having the tutors tell we had to analyse one of two photos, the one my group had featured a lady to the far left in a bed room with a boy to the right and a unknown figure looking to a mirror in the center, in the end the class decided that this scene was from a horror film due to the lighting and how far apart they where added an uneasy atmosphere to the scene with remind us of horror. After the exercise were were told about the the rule of third, this involves adding a 3 by 3 grid onto an image and Positioning you shot based on where each line fell, this is a useful technique as it help as you can use the lines in order to position each shot so you have max focus on what part of your scene you want you audience to focus on.

After the talk we had been asked to choose a movie screen from the website Film grabber, after finding the image we where asked to apply a 3 by 3 grid on it and explain how the image uses the effect, I didn’t find the this part to changing, after choosing the film pacific rim to use this effect on, when on film grabber I choose multiple images to use, after finding the images I saved them onto the computer and put them into, Photoshop from their I found a grid to place over the images. In the end I decided to go with an image of the female protagonist in a pink light room whilst see stand in the center, I choose this image as I felt this made for the best example of the 3×3 grid system as the actresses draws you the center of the screen and the bright pink/orange light contrast with her blue/black outfit. The rule of third is often used in films to attract the viewers attention to the center of the screen, for example if you had a bird eye view of a house and a swimming pool, us can the grid to find that the house take up half the screen with the pool taking the other side, this causes both side of the image to contrast each other this makes you pay atention to the image.

In conclusion I found my self understanding the Rule of Third quite well as the Tutors tought use the subject well however I don’t think I fully understand the Mise en scene yet but that my fault for not being on time and I will catch up on any infomation that I need.


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