Self assessment

Hello my name is Harry and today I’ll be discussing my first project film journey with you. My strength in the project was the amount of ideas I thought of for the project and a few of this scene work wonderfully, however the negatives were the fact that my video didn’t use music or audio as I didn’t ask if music was necessary and I don’t have any good audio on the video as they all had static in my scenes. I made my scene poorly especially the audio I decided not to use any audio. The filming had no order to it as I didn’t plan for it and I could of be planed more during the filming, I also rushed many scene due how little time I left for myself so I need to be more prepared in the future and plan my production before earlier. My cooperation with my group was poor when ever I took control as .i usually rushed my production by just choosing the first spot I found as I had no idea exactly where I was going to film, when I choose where to film I gave my team instructions the moment We were about to start meaning they had little time to prepare for the recording. For my next project I must make sure that I’m more prepared and inform me team work about what i want them to do and to plan for what I want them to do. The characteristic that I may of been is respect as I tried my best not to push my team members into doing thing that they weren’t conformable with. My worst characteristic would be responsibility as I let the work till the last minute leaving me with little time to finish my work and edit the footage all together.


Predicted grade: pass


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