Kuleshov effect Recording

On Monday, we were told that we needed to record one of our faces with a neutral expression and 3 scenes of various objects/structures that we will edit into a video . Me and my group members Dan and Erwin decided to go up to Hoe park, We first went up to the top of the hill to record, however we constantly had the light messing with the camera by making any film/photos come out nearly completely white, we did try to reduce its effect by moving the camera to different spots but nothing works, so we decided to move down from to film, we found some trees for use to film, From there we decided to film one of us looking blankly into the camera, in the end it was Dan, with Erwin recording him, we began, after a minute we got the footage, their was no errors so we move on to the next scene. we decide to go to the memorial in hoe park as the our first shoot, we decide this would be a good shot as this scene would make Dan look respectful, this would make the audience interpretation consistent. before the filming of the memorial we had to decide whither or not to film the top plaque of the bottom one, this came up due to use wanting the best shot, I’m the end we decided to do the bottom as we all shore no advantage of filming to top and that we were already at the bottom, after film we decide to pack or equipment and leave for the Plymouth high street.

When we got to the high street we went to the TV screen near the sun deal, we decided to do this shot as we thought that the TV’s ads could involve multiple emotions in our views in contrast to the memorial as the TV can show different ads and people have different options on TV. when we began to film, we ran out of power due to the previous users not charging the camera so we had to head back to college to charge it, after coming back we set it up in the shade provided by the TV screen as previous experience told us that being in pure light ruins any attempt to use the camera, we decided to put the camera to the left in order to prevent sunlight from hitting the camera. we film 2 minute worth of content so we can record the ad that we wanted, after we finished the filming we decided to head to the college.

We decided to go to college in order to do our last shot, in this shot we filmed the college, we placed the tri-pod on the road as the gravel would of made the tripod wobble, we filmed the college from and angle so it would be recognizable as facing the door could take audience a second to recognize what it is, the other issue of facing the college face on would be the face that the pavement it to close to the building to get a good shot and if we move the camera back we would be on the gravel.

Evaluation: In the end I think that we could of filmed Dan’s scene better as the take we took wasn’t clear at all and I think I could of planed my shots better as I wasn’t familiar with the area of Plymouth at all, so for next time I would make sure to research the area before hand and/or ask my team mates if they could help my with the task.


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