Ideas/week 3

On 19/9/16 my group consisting of me, Erwin and Danny each write down our ideas for a different shot each with us having a chose on what our final 4 would be along with us having to end the video with a final scene.


Shot Ideas
1. Something you care about Dog, family
2. Pull (focus) shift- foreground/ background shoot of holsworthy
3. Everyday observation Shoot of the viaduct
4. Unfair perception/ stereotype Age, race, gender, sexuality
5. Important moment in your life First birthday, sister going to university,
6. Something ‘topical’ in current world news The american election, ISIS, Rio
7. Influenced by another filmmaker   Quentin Tarantino, Hayao Miyazaki, Guillermo del Toro
8. Cause… Dropping a ball, jumping down stairs, standing on a can
9. …and effect. Ball bounces back up, laying on the ground, can is bent
Optional Shot pub
Optional Shot walking
Optional Shot Catching the dog eating something it shouldn’t be
Optional Shot Shoot of college
10. A brilliant final shot Walking off

for the what I care about scene, I put down my family as their also way been the and would b nice to have them in the video, I also put down my dog as she would be easy to film and my house has a few good areas for her to run down for a good shot. for my next shot I choose to film Holsworthy is because I live their and it would be easy to get shots and Holsworthy has good diversity as their are numerous places you could shot and get a combination to of urban and rural set prices. I decided that Im going to take a picture of the viaduct as its a landmark in Holsworthy, I see it on a by regularly bases as I walk the dogs up their nearly everyday. For unfair representation, I’ve put down age, sexuality, race and gender, for this I will show how the groups would be effect by the abusive comments of others and how they react. for an important moment that has happened in my life, it would be seeing by sister down at university as she went their this week and I an proud of her, this would make a good moment as it involves India leaving home which will cause a lot of change which will effect us all.

A current issue that I can talk about is the american election between Hilary and Trump, this would quite a topical subject for people to discuss causing in result for people to to remember the as they discuss the topic with their friends. for my influences I was choose Hayao Miyazaki as he was one of my favourite film directors because of his creativity so I decide to use some shots like him and I choose Tarantino as I’ve watch his films and clips online and enjoy his filming style so I decide to use him as an inspiration. for my cause and effect I decide to do a ball dropping on the ground and bouncing back up, this is meant to make people think about what this scene is meant to represent and what its propose, it can also be time for the audience to reflect on what has happen before hand and reflect on the whole video.

Next for my option shots, the first shot will be of me walking this is meant to confuse the audience and question what is happening, next will be a shot from the pub, with this I could get a range of shots and actions from the various people from the pub, next I will record my dog eating something she should of, this add comedic effect to the film, next will be a shot of the college, I added this shot to add variety to the film. the last shot will be of me walking back after walk of, this creates a cycle between the two scenes, the reason why I add this scene at the end is because it ends the video on a mysteries note and make the audience question what has happened.

On the 20/09/16 me and my group Danny and Erwin, after collecting our equipment we went off premise and down an alley, we when to a large piece of pavement to think on where to go next, I decided to film one of my scenes their, for this scene I would have me, Erwin and Dan walk to the camera and stare down at it, I decided to to first set the camera facing upward, I did this so it would like a a famous shot type by Tarantino, this was based on a scene in kill bill where the villain look down at at the same time also I make it face against the wall so that we would have record anyone we didn’t wanted in the scene as I didn’t want the hassle of bothering them and asking them to write their name, so after we clicked record and back up to the wall we began to walk up to the camera, after finishing shooting the first scene, Danny decide to do his walking scene, we moved the the camera forwards and record him walking across.

Before we left for another location I decided to take my retake my Tarantino shot was to put it in the shade so the sun doesn’t reflex off  the camera and  face it skyward to also avoid getting anyone not involved in the shot. after finishing the shot we decided to move to another area to film. after walking getting some food we decide look down some allays as I wanted to do my walking in one as unlike the street their wouldn’t be that any people walking down as recorded and they add a unique background for the scene as most of the other scenes are open aired, the first alloy we found was next to the water-stone book store and it looked nice but unfortunately their was the water-stone logo hang down as I could not have that image in the video as it was to recognisable and would make the video sponsored so we had to find another alloy, after walking for a few minutes, we find another alloy, I had no logos and it was dark and mysterious.

With the help Erwin and Dan, we set up the camera so we wouldn’t see the edges of the allay by placing it further in. We place the camera in the middle of the alloy so I could get the whole alloy in the scene, it was perfect however we had to stop as their we had people occasionally walking down, however in the end I was able walk up the alloy and back before anyone came, I managed this be standing further away from the camera so it took me less time to walk back and forth.

After I finished my shot we went of to film Erwin’s scene of the sundial however their were no good angles we could film without recording anyone siting around the dial, so we all went over to the pond on the other side of the road, Erwin choose to film near the lake as it would fit his inspiration shot, in the shot he sins the camera so if anyone pops in the shot their face would be blurred, net we head back to college, Before we head backing college we decided to take some shot round the college, so we look down an allay next to the indian restaurant however we question if we were allowed to do so, lucky for us we had our tutors standing near us, we asked if it was ok and they said yes, after this we decided to film Dan walking down an down the pavement as if he was in a 3D Grand Theft Auto game, during the scene Dan would walk, Erwin would record and I looked after our stuff and any unused equipment, the shot took a few attempts before it we got it to work, after finishing we went into the college to ask about and do our registration.

Next we went outside the college, here we decided to film the stereotype scene were me or Dan had to be racial insensitive to Erwin, I ended up doing it in the end, this involved me doing an old fashion gesture whilst Erwin walked away upset by the event, during the scene I felt Uncomfortable during this scene as I was worried that I wouldn’t the message across of the horrors of racist abuse. After the racist scene I planned on doing a version for gay people, this had me do the same as the racist except I did an offensive gesture about gay people and both Dan and Erwin would walk up together. In the end the Camera didn’t record the scene and I don’t redo the scene as I felt like I was being too offensive in the shot

On 21/09/16 we for 9:00am to 1:30pm we worked on our word press blogs and practised signing in with Lynda, to begin with I signed into WordPress first into order to save time later on, I then tried logged onto Lynda but I had problems so I asked the one of the tutors and they helped, when I went on to Lynda and looked at the web design page, here I watched a video about the different steps of the designing a graphic and what being a graphic designer was all about, I would of continued but I had to get on with my other projects. After I closed Lynda I decided to use WordPress to write about the previous two days. At launch I decided to help to help Erwin film his sun dial scene which he wasn’t able to do before hand as people were siting on all the blocks surrounding the dial, when we came back we had enough space to take the shot, after we set up the tripod and camera, Erwin asked if I would blend into the background, after finishing the shot we packed up for launch.

On the 27/09/16 I went out in the morning whilst I was still dark to film on the viaduct in Holsworthy to finish two of my final scenes, this two scenes were my everyday observation and my foreground,background shot, after I started to record I began by walking up the from the ram that leads to the viaduct until I got to the beginning and place this on to of the viaduct and film the two in the distance, next I ended film and started by keeping it on the verdict walls and moving it to face the path, after looking back at the footage, I wasn’t pleased with the beginning of the footage so I’ll cut it later on.

On the morning bus I planned on asking someone to have a political talk with me for my Topical scene, in the scene One of use would be a conservative supporting Trump and the other being a liberal supporting Clinton whilst someone holds the camera to record the scene, I found a few friends to help me with this, this attempt didn’t go so well as non of use could keep a straight face whilst filming and I made constant mistake with my part and guiding the other to the point that we didn’t record a lot due to may bad instructions. I attempted the Topical scene a second time at launch with my team mates Erwin and Dan, before doing that I began by writing a script for exactly want I wanted each party to say. during launch and after finishing the script we began to film, during filming Erwin held the camera whilst me and Dan acted with my being conservative and him being liberal, during the filming I decided to film each one of our scene separately so we did not have to perfectly deliver our line together and so it was easier to edit, during the filming both me and dan had problems keeping a straight face and looking into the Right direction so we had to reshot multiple times, in the end we managed to get the shots we need.

after reflecting on what I ad done over the week the one thing I would of improved on would be the planning and directing. For planning I would of planned out the shoots more instead of writing a small description as this didn’t help me plan what I was going to film and for Directing I felt that I could of instructed my team mate better as I only give vague ideas on what to do as during my Director scene I told them vague what I wanted to do so next time I could give my team more precise instructions next time.


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