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More soon is a design studio founded by Carl Burgess and based in London in 2009, it produces both films and images, this are made at the request of international clients who are from the Art, Advertisement, Music and Fashion industry. More soon focus on making bizarre yet beautiful works of art. companies More soon have received communions from are Prada, Nike, Adidas, Mercedes, Kenzo and Pharrell Williams, along with others.

Carl Burgess have 10 years experience in the field, he was won awards as a art director with works .he is the art director of Hi-res. Carl often does lectures and workshops, some of the places he does this at are OFFF, Bauhaus and It’s Nice That, he always knew that he wanted to be a designer and has been quoted as saying “I have been into art and design for as long as I can remember” and “even from an early age I had a clear direction of where I wanted to go. I always thought I would end up being a graphic illustrator, as I didn’t know there was such a thing as a designer back then. I remember telling my career officer at secondary school that’s what I wanted to do and he seemed to think it was a far-fetched idea and I should focus on more realistic goals” but in the end he did not follow the advise and became the graphic designer we know today after completing he degrees at Leeds Metropolitan University and Central Saint Martians, he went to work for Hi-res and hasn’t left since.


One of the pieces from the More soon website and found the image Head and Shoulders,    It appears to be misshaped body parts, I can tell this from the fact that their skin texture and the fact that the third images resembles a human head. the reason why I choose this design is due to the fact that I think the image is fascinating, it looks like a body was turned into a paste and shaped into a gum ball gum like statue.


The next statue looks like an explosion with the smaller bottom  expending out as you go down and the top that shaped like a mushrooms head with a the top being dark and light grey, it appears that a broken tube surrounds the image.


The third image is the most human like as you can see the hair, eyes and nose of the head, however it’s miss formed with the head look squished and uncomfortable.


The last statue look like the previous one only that now it has burst open and miss shaped even more, the face is squished  together tightened together with the area below it has burst opened reviling to a mouth and beard but they have been miss shaped slightly, around the mouth we see bits of flesh sticking out of the figure showing more deformities. To me this images represent different stages in the artist life from the first where life was simple and unknown one where their old and have been misshaped by the world they live in, the second can represents child as they grows up and finally becomes and a adult, next we have the third one when they have finally formed a identity for themselves however their not fully found themselves and lastly is the 4th one which is misshapen and odd representing that he didn’t become what he wanted to be and is trapped in his body unable to change now and is forever incomplete.

When looking online and I found no article apart from the original website talking about the image so I haven’t had a chance to find any article to compare my research and options to

Ratatat drug is a music video with actors performing a wide arrange of action this include a man looking into the distance and a man speaking in a foreign language, the man is on the verge of crying, their is no music, next we see a women how confident but seems not comfortable, the music start by building up the man is still speaking we can hear the sound of pianos , next we see and elder couple smiling creepily smiling at the camera till they look at the audience then they look at each other and laugh, the music is in your face and constant with a few beats being that of a piano. We then have two women, one in a yellow shirt with the other in blue smiling looking at the camera then turning to face each other and continue to smile, the one on the left smiles and does a head motion to the other, the music slightly change, next we have the women from the last shot with a man in a red shirt standing behind them as they all laugh together, music is the same as the last section.

The next scene only has the yellow shirt women and the red shirt man, their holding other and are smiling, it then turns into a face up of the two and they look at each other, then it zooms out, the first parts the same as the rest but during the zoom out the music sounded as if it was coming out of a radio. we see a women in a red top facing left of the screen and turning her head whilst smiling, the music completely changed and we hear the sound of a guitar when the scene begins, next a man in a cream shirt quick turns his head from right to centre and turn his head up and down whilst also smiling, the music is the same as before, it now cut to the yellow shirt women who grinning and is posing and then turns to face the other direction and begins to smile. we see the old couple from before but now with the cream coloured shirt man from before, their all standing like their ready take a photo and are all smiling, the man looks to the side and puts his hand on the elderly couple and the three begin to smile.

We have a blonde women with a pink shirt turning to face the camera and moving around her head multiple times, the music remains the same until the last few seconds, next we find a women dressed in black in complete shock the music has become completely to a sadder sound, the women is on the verge of tears as if see has done something, next we get a close up of her face we can see how worried see is. we have three similar shoot shoots of men turning their heads with sight smiles with the third properly smiling, the music correlates with the movement of the men, the music changes again, we see the crying man from the beginning, who is now crying and holding his head to then take his hand away like he has thought of something devastating. next we have an woman looking to her side to then turn to the camera and shaking her head, her express show her as if she is disappointed, next we see a man staring up that also looks disappointed, next another women turns her head from left to the camera that also have a disappointed express, the music change again, we see the crying man but now he is in a crying intensely whilst his head shacks and has his mouth wide open, the music changes to a constant drum roll and then a piano could be heard.

We now meet another elderly couple with the man trying to get the women attention but the women won’t have anything to do with him. we then see a man with muscle posing to show off his muscles, when he moves his muscles the music syncs up to the movement, we then see a man praying,  the man posing is now flexing his pecks, now the preying man is facing up, we see a business man getting a gift with him begin happy about. we see a man with a misshaped head as it turns. the crying man is now happy and is jumping around with joy whilst laughing, clapping his hands and pointing.

We see the businessman next to a women in formal dress with the man holding a glass and is wearing a party hat, both are laughing intensely, next a man in a suit is panicking and is about to scream with his mouth doing drastic motions. we see the man with the odd shaped head turning, next with have the panicking women again in a distressed state, next the crying man is pretending to punch someone whilst laughing. the man in the suit is now being funny as his is now pulling faces and a few seconds later performing hand jesters. we now have two groups of two facing each other on opposite sides of the room that face up in fear. we have the confident lady doing a strong man pose with less uncertain, we also have the crying women completely upset with her eyes closed and throwing her arms around, next the suited man is now in a cartoon like panic and/or shocked then proceed to put his hands up and leave.

The crying man now gives the camera a thumbs up with a smile and then proceeds to flip the camera off, next with have the other elderly couple with the man more intensely trying to get the woman attention with women ignoring him even more. we see a an business man with white hair shaking his head, the next shoot we see a man dressed as father Christmas waving his finger as if to tell a child off. the lady from the first elder couple appears and has her head tilted with an expression of confidence, we then see the first disappointed women as see repeats her actions in reverse, next we see a sad teenager looking to the floor and then to the right of the screen, next we see a man in a orange shirt look at the screen like his is disgusted with the viewer and turns to the right, we have the man in the business suit look at the camera as he makes face as if to ask if we are serious. we see a man in a suit holding a brief case, he look quite uneasy, next we have a face shoot of a women, next we see a older man with his arms crossed and looking at the camera confidently however his scene has a filter making the effect of rippling water, next we have the confident lady now holding a dog and stroking it and look back and through at the dog and the camera and to finish the video with a pigeon standing their and looking around.

After finishing the video I think the short scenes are about emotion, I have to emit the idea when I looked up what language the man in the beginning was specking as I click a music lyric set and instead showed me what the man said, in the text it talked about what would happen if Bruno dies, this line makes you few the short video in another light, in the video we see an old man, through out the video he shown crying and laughing through out the video

Drug video link:


The next video is Kap Bambino’s Obsess, the video starts by us seeing three couples hugging each other, the music is building up as beats then when the second couple appear the music sound like quite scream with the beats getting faster, this continues until a their I see a man who is yelling with a static face of rage, when this scene pop up the music becomes just the beats but more rapid, as the music goes on, more sounds are added.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 15.24.33.png

We then see a man that looks like he has been let down as he is shaking his head, during the scene we know begin to hear a high pitch voice of a women, I could not hear what she was saying. in the new scene we see a old man putting his head into his hands, I then see a sad women as she look to the side, next their is a man infuriated and grabbing his head and after that we see another man as he put his hand to his face and shakes his head as if he can’t believe what has happened. the video now focus on this crying women as she grabs her nose and shakes her head and looks at the camera. the next scene show a women getting hit by a cream pie, during the scene the voice stop allowing the music to set in, this lasted until the women was hit by the pie.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 15.24.10.pngWe see the old man rubbing his hands together and laughing and the yelling man lifting his arms into the air in pure joy, next the two business men and woman laughing with little control, I then see the crying women smiling creepily at the camera, the Next scene shows us glasses being destroyed, the music has become reaped and we can’t hear any lyrics, next their is a man holding a crowbar, we jump to a scene were a man laughing and after that a crowbar breaks glass as water floods out of it. The screen now show a women with her mouth wide open, next an unknown person scratches a car with what looks like a lipstick case, next their is a laughing man  who is moving his body back and though.


The new scene show the destruction of glasses as a balling ball crashes into them and as a result all of their content spills out, next their appears to be a man screaming then we see a balling ball going into a stereotypical summer beverage, next we cut to a man screaming the the same man appear and is crying. This scene involves a man crying into his own hand, after this we see the ball breaking the summer drink after the first clip ended. next a blank faced man gets hit by a barrage of steam and is unaffected. A man is drinking his bear until he stops an hits himself in the face with it, the glass disappear and only what hits his face, next is and old man in shock followed by a crying man,. A women is reading a ,magazine until she looks around and continues to read the magazine as normal. A smoker is seen to spit out her cigarette, this is followed by a man as he yell and points his finger at an unknown third party, a man in the next scene is acting as if he is talking back, possible being the one the precious man is yelling old man is then hit over the head with a beer bottle. A man scream with no voice.


A water melon is hit but a wood chopping axe. A women can be seen steaming along with a man in the next shot. Man held a beer can so head it content shoots out every where. A stranger uses a crowbar to break a car back window. A women pulls some rob against a sky like background. The next scene shows a man drinking from a shear glass as his has it draping from his face. A man seems to be moving bandages across from each hand, it really herd to see what he really is doing. A man is scream silently. A break hits a car window and the glass breaks instantly. A man is holding a crowbar. A women stands their expressionless. A red pole crashes into the mirror below, completely shattering it. A man loses his balance and fells to his nees. The current scene shows a traditional English breakfast on fire. A man bends back and gasps as if he witness something. A man appear to hit himself over the head with a bland bottle. A cake is destroyed after a unknown figure walks over it with high heels.


A man laughs out loud but still no voice. The camera shows use the cake scene right where Kt left it, the heeled figure get their foot out of the cake. a man is seen appearing out of steam, his face is water and the steam on his glasses make it look like they are broken. A bottle on top of a women head is broken with the pieces going every where. an angered man appears with his jumper being wet down the middle, next we see a man with a crowbar looking like it taunting someone and the next shot has the angered man bleeding from the mouth. we see a women scream. A women rips a magazine in two. A woman appears to throw a pair of heeled shoes.


A angry man appears in the next scene. A man can be seen holding a hammer whilst shouting. the scene show what happens after the ball hit the glasses. A lady holds her head as if she has a headache. The next scene shows the viewer what happen to the a woman after being hit with a cream pie. An angered man appears and is pointing towards himself. A scene where tiles are hit by a rock to reveal their is nothing under the tiles.  A man pull a rope the extends off screen. a unknown object drops from the sky and crashes into multiple glass objects and breaking them in a straight line. A man has his hand in front of him and his cowering as something is thrown at him. A women can be seen laughing. A man appears holding his head, the music begins to shop. A man appears and laughs. the two last scenes have an man then a women calming down, the music has completely stopped.


After analysing the scenes of this video, I believe that Kap Bambino’s obsess is about stress and the reacting we give off, my main evidence is the constant destruction of object across the video along with the scenes where a man is bleeding from the mouth when the previous two scenes show shows the same man angered with the next showing another holding a crowbar, both men were pissed of in this scenes. The ending of the video shows a scene of people calming down tells me a argument or possible even a fight just happened recently. In the video a lot of glass objects breaking due to vandalism can support this as this is a stereotype where people go on rampage when posed to their mental limits, theirs is also ton of scenes where the characters act enraged.

Obsess video link:


The two music videos are very similar their a collection of actor preforming different emotions, however their main similarities are the fact that they consist entirely of single shot and angle scene of actor performing motion relating to their theme and the fact that their are subtle connection overall and actors pop up in multiple scenes, the differences are the fact that their moods are completely different as Drug has a calm mood where Obsess is energetic and insane.

In my research I have found some surprising information about the creators of the videos, Carl Burgess company intends on making beautiful thing, this would explain the visual elements of the video. Carl Burgess intended for Drug to disturb the viewer, his is also known to have a sense of humor to his videos, this two mixing could results with the uncanny awkwardness of the video. In Carl’s video he usually has a core idea to base the rest of his work on, his also made a more traditional cut of the Drug video where the cuts were shorter and everything following a rhythm, however he found that lot of his meaning was ultimately lost in the process of conforming his video so he decide to retooled it to his style. He has always had a fondness for stock footage and the oddness of it all, one of the inspirations for the video came when he found some stock footage of a upset teenager along with the uses of this scene, which it meant for anti-drug commercials and it was meant to be used with a drug related back drop or item/s related to the topic to tell you that is the cause, He got the idea of what if you didn’t have items or background, how weird would this scene be without and context to tell you other wise. Drug was Carl’s first attempt at editing a video, he choice edit as he felt he was the only one how could get his vision across along with adding his own personality to the work. the footage come from a website called Getty image, a website how works with stock images and footage, the company is located in across the world and located in New York, Paris and other capital Cites and the company was originally founded in 1995,




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