One hour photo

Hello on Wednesday, we were arranged into group of 6-7 in order for use to film shots with the camera that were similar to shoots from the film One Hour Photo to begin with my group set up the Camera and Tripod in order to do the scene where a man is holding a camera, we did this first due to it being the easiest to do, during the scene we add our names to the paper once at a time, after finishing the video we watch it and notice we were slow in the video so we shot it again will little difference, next we went into the alley to film the hallway scene and the full face scene, with the hallway we had one of use walk down the ally way however when anyone of use tried we couldn’t keep a straight face so but we were able to finish the scene eventually. Next was the head turning scene, we all tried and like before non of us could stop laughing so where all tried until we finished the scene next we went into the break-room in order to take the rest of the shots, we went over to the coffee machine to film the glass reflection,and the camera as the machine reflected well to both, next two of us sat at a table in order to film the table scene, instead of having one of use setting at the table facing the camera and the other standing they both sat at the table facing each other.

After doing an ICT induction, we came back to Royal Parade to edit our projects, to begin with I took the first Photo shot of use writing our names down and cut out the part where nothing was happening when we were handing the pan to each other, I did this in order to make the video fast and have better pacing, after cutting I Thought of the idea of placing cut up pieces of the alloy walk in between the paper scenes, next I added the Camera, Mirror and reflection shots and put them at the beginning as the shot resembles a lot of famous opening scenes in movies, next I add the table scene after the opening as it take place in the same area and as such give the video more of a natural flow, next I place two of the failed attempts after the three scene made from the alloy scene, in this scene we couldn’t stop laughing before we finished the scene so I cut off the part any of us laughed to make the video keep its serious tone, next I add the last failed at the end of the 4th alloy scene as this take was successful until the last few seconds and help build up to the best take. Next after the 5th alloy scene I added the best head turn scene at the end, I did this so their would be a proper ending to the video as the video end and this scene provided the best end. After realising that the paper scene was still slow after cutting it down I decide to speed them up by 50%, also this made the the overall length of the video shorter, next I add some music to overlay with the sounds from the clips, I choose Susser Tod from the anime Evangelion, after choosing my music I decided to change the speed of my paper scene with the first being slow down at 80% and the rest becoming faster until it reach 150%, next I coped the music and be chance the song ended perfectly with the cut version not sounding like it was cropped at all and the song lyrics enhanced the video and add meaning to them make the overall video better as a whole.

To improve I would actually have a plan for my production before experimenting with the film and also not to relay on random chance as the video only work that well be accident, also I should also use more technique to make the film.


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