Animation and Feelings

On Tuesday we were paired into groups of 6 or 7 and asked to write down a negative and positive feeling on paper about going into the college and then take a camera and record the group holding the papers. we sat down at a bench outside the building part of the college, we began writing our feeling on the cards, I had problems coming up with ideas and consistently made spelling errors this effected filming when we went out side the school to film as we had to stop for me to make my paper visible on the camera as the pen I used was thin and i didn’t fill in the letters. to improve I must not rush my work and be concentrated in order for me not to make this mistakes again.

After we completed recording we learned about zoopraxiscicope a method of animation which involves spinning a wheel, after watching a few examples of the technique we we asked to make our own animation wheel consisting of either 16 or 32 frames. When watching the video I came up with my idea first time, it would be a PokeBall from Pokemon, it design is that of a half red half white ball with a button and black line across the side, it being push upward by a Pokemon’s hand and coming back, I choose this style as it was easy to animate and animate will which both help as this was me first attempt. I began drawing the design of the PokeBall first with the ball getting smaller, rotating and rising up and down, after looking at the image and thinking about how they would animate I decide that I would need to add a hand in order to give the images more motion. after finishing I looked at the images and found the sizes to be off so I redraw most the images multiple times especially frame 14 to 2, I also had problems with the location of the button of the PokeBall as it didn’t always mach up to the position the PokeBall was facing so I redrew the design multiple times, as it did this I had problem with the proportions of the line between the ball and had to redraw it multiple times, after I’d finished I thicken the lines on order to make the design look more like a PokeBall and to make the line more constant. After finishing the ball I coloured to of the line red and left the bottom white as that were the colours of the original PokeBall and I made the hand yellow after the Pokemon mascot Pikachu.

To improve I would make a design of the wheel before making it so I won’t make as many mistake in the future, also I would use better colouring techniques in order to make the ball not as flat.


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