Introducing Myself

Hello I’m Harry and Today I’ll talk about the first day of my course, first we had a quick talk from the stuff about how the course and what we will be doing for the next few years, after the introduction we were asked to make a piece of created media to present to the college that tell them who we are, to begin with I brain stormed and tried different ideas, this included drawing a monstrous creature but when I began drawing I couldn’t make the design anything special, then I began to think until I thought of doing a dystonia robot, I did this because it didn’t need to a lot of work to make it recognisable and I can add detail to the figure without them being out off place, after I coming up with the base concept I went over to the books on the window to help me.

I found a book about tape records and film reels so I took it so I could use it as a drawing reference, I then begin to draw the figure with a sharped pencil so I could precisely draw the body, first I drew the head, it was in inspired by the design of the CD, I layered the CD design four times with each cycle getting smaller as you go in, next I made the spine of the robot, it was design after cables from headphones braided together in a cross shape, next were the shoulder which are based on movie reels with the right arm being multiple cables with a claw and the left arm being film footage extended from the reel with the ends turn into a hand with a piece of paper warped around it arm, next is the right leg is a large wire with a plastic box attached to the end of his foot, the other leg is smaller wires warped around each other with the foot being the plug, the hips are cover with pop magazines that forms a skirt.

I drew a wall behind him however this along with the fact that most of the page was still blank gave me an idea for  setting of the picture in a fascist society with the robot being a stand in for oppressed minorities. The reason I did this theme is due the political climate with Donald Trump and fear mongering. After coming up with my final concept I decide to begin to continue with my drawing, first I added a lantern onto the machine’s back that is stretch out from his back, this lantern is meant to determinant that the room his is in is damp and dark and by stretching it out you can see it more clearly also now his is holding a pair of key in his hands showing that he is escaping the location.

Next I’ve added a poster to the back of the wall next to the robot figure, it features the politician Mr Rich convincing people that the robots are heartless killing machines and you shouldn’t trust them, this is based on the opinions of Donald Trump and his generalisation of Muslims and his irrational method to dealing with problems.

Now their is a guard in the drawing, I added him to show the effect of the fear mongering on Mr Rich’s supporters, on his helmet I’ve written the word fear to represent his thoughts, next I’ve added a text box above him with the words “Oh lord, its behind me!!?” this is meant to show the guard is completely afraid of the robot’s kind due to the thing said by Mr Rich. The guard is looking at door with his flash light whilst completely missing a broken knife, the knife not being used to hurt the guard shows that the statements by Mr Rich isn’t right and the robot isn’t violent for what they are and show that race doesn’t effect you as a person.

I’ve added words on the head of the machine in order to represent his thought and how he fell, I choose Error, Run Away” to show him as peaceful. I add speech box for the robot where he says “I have to leave for everyone”, this is meant to shows that his peaceful unlike his stereotype, it also helps to tell the message of the picture which is not to overact and alienate people because someone of their creed did something,

The colouring was meant to be done by computer but I had trouble drawing over the original images lines so I had to do it be hand, for the robot I coloured him green and yellow as those are peaceful colour whilst the guard and the poster are coloured purple and red representing fear and aggression to help represent the message.

To improve I would have a clear idea to draw about before I begin, to get better at digitally sketching over my work and to not over complicate them meaning of the piece.


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